Friday, January 30, 2015

Fractured Fryday Hairy Tales

It was the worse New Years Resolution I'd ever made.

I had been in a shelter - I was scared, and I was sometimes hungry.  Dropped off over the holidays I waited and waited for my family to come back but they didn't.  I was so lonely, so I comforted myelf with food, but there wasn't a whole lot of it. 

I swore that I would find my family, and that if presented the opportunity to eat, I would.

It was several months while I went through treatment for heartworm, but soon I was at a foster Mommy's home with other dogs, and she spoiled me so.  Only a week later I joined my new Mom. She let me know I was HER dog and no one would ever separate us.  There was plenty to eat, but she was careful not to give me too much too quickly as everything was all so new. 

We were at her little home in Indiana.  She said I had a "Dad" but they owned a home in another state.   She said they'd just gotten married last year, and she had to commute for a bit until a job like hers opened up in the other city, or she retired which wasn't far off.  She says she works for some alphabet soup so I figure she's at the place that makes the little red and white cans of chicken goodness.

Dad came down to meet me and after a couple of weeks of settling in, it was time to go to our full time home.  Part of the reason mom picked me is I LOVE to ride in the car.  Here's our first trip.  Mom had a tiny little point and shoot and would take photos of funny cars.

Mom said this was a Woody Wagon - that's the coolest looking doghouse on wheels I've ever seen.  I wonder if they'll get me one of those.

The trip was going to be fun but I'd followed my New Years Resolution which caused me to be in ANOTHER dog house.  For when Mom was sleeping I snooted open the bin of dog food and ate myelf a little snack.  Yes little. . I eat like a bird (Rodan  . . my Mom said).

Unfortunately, it was too much food from what I'd been used to and I barfed on the carpet.  Mom said her dog Barkley sometimes ate too fast and did that and didn't scold me, she just cleaned it up, though I learned some new human words I'd only heard down by the docks before.

We were on our way!
I tried to be a good dog.  I felt bad about sneaking the food and didn't want Mom to regret adopting me so I was quiet---laying down in the harness she set up for me so I couldn't be "projectile dog" if she had to top suddenly.  I was pretty comfortable and Mom talked to me so I wouldn't be scared on our first big drive. 

But Mom hit about every pothole there was on the road.  Honestly, I think we were driving on a pinball machine. Mom said that's just I-65 and it's in bad shape sometimes after the winter.

Then my tummy started to rumble, and my back end started making noises I'd not heard except when the tupperware lid was stuck.  Oh no---I think I'm going to explode. . quick. . I have to go potty. . how do I tell Mom have to potty without bothering her. . .

Kaboom!  Oh uh, too late. .

Mom got off the road at a rest stop that was just a couple of minutes away. There was poopy all over the back seat, and all over Mom as she tried to clean it up.  I felt so bad, but she  got paper towlels and water and just gently patted me and told me it would be OK as she cleaned me up.  When she went to the rest room, this woman wrinkled her nose up at my Mom who was covered with poopy.  Mom just said  "you should have seen the other guy!"

I love my Mom.

But she looks funny driving with ear plugs up her nose.

After a while the smell wasn't so noticeable and we stopped for food.  What did I say about not eating everything in sight?

It's a bag of cow!  And it comes with some Cow Jus to dip the sandwich in.
Mom - Has anyone told you that large quantities of cow can restore an electrolyte imbalance caused by dogrrhea?
She didn't buy that line of bull.  She just gave me some water and some pats and said I could have a bit more food that night.

I guess I'll just go back to sleep.

As we rolled into the drive, Dad was there to great us with open arms and lots of pats.

And apparently a whole bunch of cleaning supplies.
 Still it was great to be home.  I learned my lesson folks, and as Dad met us with stuff to clean out the truck, I got to explore my furever home.  I'll still travel with Mom, if she will let me, and  promise not to overeat.

Because I'm one dog that knows a good thing when she has it. 

I'm glad to be Mom's Lab Assistant  - Just call me Special Agent C4.

-Abby the Lab
Thanks to
  • Murphy and Stanley
  • for hosting the FFYT!! There's a tap at the top of their blog for more information.  


  1. oh the food trap... no worries that happened to me too :o) but your mom solved that problem very well and to get a welcome with open arms and cleaning supplies is not bad at all :o)
    Easy Rider

  2. OH ABBY this is a GRAND and GLORIOUS FFHT Post... We loved every second of it... We were SORRY that you got the Sickies from both ends thingy, though.
    Congratulations on such a SUPER choice fur your Furever Peeps.. Well Done girrrrrl. They are WINNERS.

  3. I laughed, I cried... It wouldn't be so funny if I hadn't witnessed, first hand, the backseat explosion!!!

    I've rescued 3 dogs. Well 4 if you could my first, Sazzy, - the one my Mumma and Dad got for me when I was 4 weeks old. On the way home from my baby checkup, they passed a house with a cardboard box at the bottom of the drive with a sign that said "Free!". In February, temperatures in the 40's. This little 7 week old puppy, too young to be away from her Mumma. 7 WEEKS OLD!!! FEBRUARY!!! VERMONT!!! She was that little dog that helped raise me. How lucky we both were.

    So I also cried, for all those that are not lucky enough to find their permanent (forever!) homes.

    Bless you for your 'rescue activism'. I think Abby's story will save some lives... Always makes me break out the checkbook for our local shelter.

    Thanks again, for all the words and all the pictures.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,

    Cap'n Jan
    Sailing the Dock

  4. First time we have been on your blog and wow we got your life story. It was beautiful. So glad you found the perfect forever home

  5. Such a sweet story!

    Monty and Harlow

  6. that was a good test to know that your new peeps really loved you!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Hey Abby!
    Wow, what an adventure for FFHT! Sounds like your peeps are wonderful and they love you very much. Hey, we all know poop happens and sometimes some pooch pukie too. Glad everyone had a sense of humor about all of that and they had a nice supply of cleaning products on hand. BOL All's well that ends well and now you are in a great home and they are lucky to have you too!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  8. Well that stuff happens, so glad you never turned intola "projectile dog".

    It's so wonderful to find ones furever home!, glad you happy Officer Abby!

    The Mad Scots

  9. We just loved your story, Abby!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Hi Abby, I love hearing about your forever home and how wonderful your mom(dad too)were when you had the problem. It must have been so hard in the shelter and now that you have the most incredible mom, I know everything will be fine. I'm glad you like to ride in the car; Hunter doesn't always like it and shakes a lot. I think that came from going to the groomer; I do take him for other rides too.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  11. What a wonderful story! Mom just read it to us. We almost cried happy tears then Stanley's gas leaked out and now mom is grossed out and choking. But we loved the story!

    Your Pals,


  12. Oh, Abby, I don't know how I missed this story until now. What an adventure. You are lucky you have such a great mom.

    I eat too fast, too. My People have to put my dinner in special contraptions to make eat more slowly.

    Your friend,
    p.s. I just voted for your mom's book. Paws crossed.


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