Sunday, May 17, 2015

How was Your Day - Abby the Rescue on Learning to Trust Again

 So how was your day Abby?
The Big Toaster Truck with the delivery guy stopped by and he didn't bring me anything from Chewey - THAT tells you how my day is going to be.
No one sends me goodies in the mail
 See - YOU got a box from the Big Toaster Truck
 I was robbed.
Even worse, the delivery guy saw me through the window and said "nice doggie".  Doesn't he understand I have mandibles of death. I'm a ferocious watch dog protecting Mom.
" No" - he says "Labs are NICE doggies - they're always friendly."  SIGH
 So I gave him this face. GROWWWLL  He just laughed and said "isn't she cute"
Just wait until next time delivery guy.  
But on top of the box on the porch he left a little doggie biscuit.  Just for me.
 Color me surprised.
And you were so happy to open the box and find the picture of a black lab, a happy, friendly, black lab.  Because we ARE happy and friendly, we're not mean or scary and don't want to be.
I feel so bad, I was trying to scare the Big Toaster Truck guy away and he just wanted to be my friend and bring things that make my Mom smile.
You were right Mom and Dad - judge people by how they treat us, not how others have treated us.
Did you get that subliminal message Mom. . . . .Treat??


  1. Hey Abby!
    Wow, I don't blame your for trying to guard the house from that guy! Since he left a treat for you he's obviously okay and can be trusted now. BOL Great pix of you today!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  2. Holy Gwalk a Moley Abby.... you actually got a treat... DIRECTLY from the Toaster Truck Guy>???? WE only get BOXES from him...
    Must be True then, HE like Labs and not Dachshunds... YOU are so LUCKY...

  3. We're thinking you might want to reformulate the plan so you can get more treats from this toaster driver!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. He left a treat for ya??? Lucky!!

  5. We always bark at delivery guys, even when they bring us pizza and chicken wings. Dad tells us, "shut up!" even louder than than our barking! Ghostwriter thinks we all sound like idiots! But we're supposed to guard the house by barking away strangers, aren't we? This is too confusing!

  6. Wow you have the bestest delivery-guy ever... the lady who came in that yellow car said: uuuuh your dog is louuuuuuuud... of course, you can't bark with a whispering voice, right?
    easy rider

  7. We've had the same driver for a while. Mom always offers a drink if it's hot or cold, they usually say no, but she likes to offer as that has to be hard work.

    She promised to order me something from Cheewy next payday though.

    Abby Lab

  8. What a beautiful girl is that Abby. I would love her, I know!!!!

    All treats, all the time! Me and Abby are soul-litter-mates!

    I just got my box of Good Buddy rawhides from, but Mumma doesn't let me have the whole box. She's a Mean!!!



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