Monday, June 1, 2015

Recruit a Pal - An Update from JAIL

Reporting LIVE from JAIL - Yes, that's right, it's Abby and I'm in jail.  I think someone should call the Blogville Law Offices of Von Schnitzel, Ketchum and Dedum about this egregious mistake.

It all started last night.  Mom and Dad had a romantic dinner as they'd been apart for most of a month. There was yummy smelling food that Dad cooked for her, candles and wine.  Mom made silly. giggling noises and Dad was smiling a lot.  Then it was time for "take the dog out".  Our house is in the city but it's in a deep, wooded lot that has all sorts of critters living in it.  There in the back corner I did my favorite roll in the grass, but it was even better as it was "roll in the smell" as something was deader back there in the dark.  I'm not sure WHAT it was, there was just a big, smelly stain in the grass and I rolled in it good.
When Dad brought me into the house, boy was I STINKY. Dad said "maybe it's just poop" and Mom smelled me and said "no, I know that smell too well - that's deader". Mom was NOT happy with me but she got all kinds of warm, wet towels and wiped me down gently as best she could. But then they put me in jail. It was a small room cell blocked with chairs so I couldn't get out. I have a washable bed and my favorite stuffy, but I didn't get to sleep on the futon, OR the couch, OR with Mom and Dad. I'm innocent I say!
This morning, Dad went to Wall-GREENS and got doggie shampoo and gave me a quick  bath before work and then put me back in jail until I'm a hundred years old "dry". Anyway - until someone springs me - here is the list of new residents of Blogville and their recruiters (in no particular order). Stop in and say hello to them. Tomorrow, we will be selecting two winners from each group which will get a copy of one of Mom's books (either Kindle or paperback, their choice). A Big thanks to Sarge and everyone that recruited or donated prizes.

Mom will post the winners on the 3rd, after the welcome dance. In the meantime, feel free to bake me a cake with a chainsaw in it.  I'm pretty sure that will take care of the wooden chairs blocking the exit from my cell.

Abby Lab

New Blogville Bloggers.



  1. Oh Abby....This is UNJUSTICE is the worst way. Stinky dead stuff is meant to be rolled on. Every Buddy NOSE that! (Pun Intended...BOL BOL) Surely you would get a BIG win in court. I says....GO FUR IT! ;)

  2. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo this is all WRONG.... you just got yourself all PawFUMEed up fur the big Dance... and THEY are washing it off. DISGUSTING.
    What were they thinking??? We are SURE that there is Still some good Deaded Smell left out there... Go give it a check...
    OH WAIT... you CAN't You are in JAIL.... OKAY... NEW PLAN... we will be by with a FILE and help you Break out... OKAY?

  3. Hey Abby!
    Wow, this is all kinds of wrong! Deader things are meant to be rolled on just like Amber said. Well, they bestest spring you from jail before the big dance tomorrow or else I know a feisty black doxie who will be after them with a thwapper! OMD thanks again for the prizes to our R.A.P. folks.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Event Host

  4. We have never rolled in stinky dead stuff evers, the worse fing that happens to us is the dreaded anal stink, its enough to make mom hold her nose, and put us down...and then to the frankenvet we go...hope you get out of jail tonight...stella rose

  5. Geez, I have never rolled in stinky deaded stuff, but it sounds fun ...though not the bath or jail part

  6. Ha Ha! Mabel was rolling in dead worms the other day!!!! it was bath time on Saturday.
    See you at the dance!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Abby thanks fur visiting our blog the other day before u got locked up in the slammer. Our mommy can probably bake a burnt to a crisp cake thats hard as a rock--maybe u could break thru the wooden chairs with that.

  8. So let me see if we understand this correctly . . . you go the extra effort of getting yourself smelling just pawfect and then THEY try to change it AND put you in jail? What is wrong with them????

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Heck with a saw...we sending over a tank...we gonna break you out.....then take you to Ernie...we will see about this.......The Court of Common Fleas needs to here your case!

    The Mad Scots

  10. Thanks everyone. I survived Day 1 in Jail. Mid-day the Matron took me for a walk, and gave me a bit of turkey sammich which was great. But then she said "Pee-U" as I was still a bit stinky even after the sponge bath at 6 a.m. (oh the humanity) and sprayed me with this dog Frebreeze stuff that smelled like The meadow from the Sound of Music WITHOUT dead possums. Forget the "hills are alive", I want the "hills have dead icky stuffs to rolls in".

    But I understand there are plans to bust me out of here tonight with files or tanks so I'm not late to the dance with my handsome date.

    Abby Lab

  11. Oh Abby! WTD!! We hope you're going to be let out in time for the dance, Sammy kinda has his heart set on having at least one spin around the dance floor with you - BUTT DON'T tell him I told you!!
    Wally (& Sammy)

  12. I'm in the doghouse too... for no reason.... humans can be mean sometimes, huh?
    easy rider

  13. We get put in doggy jail too when we roll in deaded things! It just smells soo nice. Humans just don't fully appreciate the aroma.

    I sure hope you got released.

    Ginger, Matt & Matilda


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