Monday, July 20, 2015

Barkley Memories - That First Trip to PetSmart

Mom - I need more squeeky toys.  You leave, you're gone for days and you come home all tired out, without any squeaky toys.

I remember that day, my fiance  was visiting me in Indiana  and we had a few errands that needed to be run before our Fall wedding.

First a stop at the BigBox store for some cleaning stuff ("hey look - the WalMart Brand of foaming bathroom cleaner with "Scrubbing Bubba") and a trip to the UPS store to pick up all my mail.

Then off to PetsMart.  We'd not been to one before.  He had another groomer that was co-located with his doggie day care, and most of the time when I needed something, I'd order it online.

But here were were, on our first trip.

 I wasn't sure how Barkley would do, as he hates tile floors, but once he saw all the toys and the smells and the other dogs, he just charged right in pulling  his "Dad" like some sort of Nantucket Sleigh Ride.
Look! People!
Hmmm, giant tub of dog cheetos or the chewy snacks. Can I have both?
I think we need the "Beware of Dog" sign to intimidate that wimpy mixed breed terrier next door.
Oh look, it's dog adoption day!  I'm so lucky to have a home, I hope some folks will take these dogs home today and give them treats.

From the distance came the sound of several squeaky toys going off in a single round and the rest of the pictures were just "dog shape blur"

He did behave himself at the check stand while his treats, a new leash and a  $1.99 sale toy were bagged up. (The duck was on sale apparently due to a pneumothorax.)

See Barkley - you behaved so you get a toy of your own.

squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek squeeky squeekkkkkkkkkkk!!!! OK, that's enough toy for now Barkley.
You can have my duck when you pry it out of my cold, cold jaws.

Yes, I think everyone had fun! (look carefully at the sticker on my shirt)

So many good memories Barkley while you were with us, and so many new ones to be made with our Miss Abby.
Look Mom - I got a scarf from the PetSmart groomer that matches my squeaky elephant! 

Don't I look adorable?


  1. That last pic looks more like she's saying "Gimme back my squeeky pink elephant, or else!"

  2. Hari OM
    BOL... adorable indeed! angel Jade loved her squeakies - but was always astounded at how quickly they stopped squeaking. Don't think she ever found out I had 'defrogging' skills! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. BOL!!! OMD, did you say SQUEAKIES??! I do loves a good squeaky toy! And Petsmart has the bestest sales of squeaky toys! If you catch them right after a holiday..SCORE!
    Okays, yuppers, I thinks you betters give back the squeaky elephant....
    Ruby ♥

  4. Awe such sweet memories! Can you believe Mom has never taken us to petsmart sigh....

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  5. Just wanted you to know we stopped by. Mom's arm is so sore after a shot today that she finds it hard to type.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I love this duck... efurry dog needs a duck, right?... note to myself: get a new duck :o)
    easy rider


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