Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cultured Labs - A Barkley Memory

Every week, in addition to his daily walks, if it wasn't pouring or too hot for anyone wearing a fur coat, Barkley and I would have an outing to the park.  We had a couple places where I could throw a toy and he could safely run off leash for a while.  If it was hot out he would get to go to the creek, sometimes with friends.
Afterwards on those trips, we would make a stop on our way home for a frozen yogurt. He would wait in the car with the a.c. on while I dashed in and come out with two red bowls.  He got a dab of vanilla in a big snoot sized bowl.  He was usually trying to snoot it through the two front seats before I was even in the truck and then dragged the empty container into the back when he was done.
One day, I was driving past the place while running errands and decided to stop and get one. Just one as if I'd gotten one for Barkley too,  it would have been completely melted when I got home.  Sorry, buddy.

I felt kind of bad, a he'd been in the house all afternoon long without company.  There's no telling what kind of mischief he could get into if he was too unoccupied..

Sorting my laundry (hey look, this has tooth sized holes in it, better throw it out).

Bacon Profiling

Or playing secret Black Lab fantasy games.
I am Bored.  Prepare to be assimilated.

But no matter what, he was always waiting for me with a bit happy Lab grin on his face and a wagging tail, just happy to see me.

When I got home that night,  I set my empty yogurt container in the kitchen as I walked in, to toss in the trash when I got settled.

I expecting to be greeted by Mr. Happy Lab, who was usually waiting on the couch in the next room for me.
This was NOT Mr. Happy Lab.  Not only did he spot the empty yogurt dish, he, apparently, could count to two.
Where's mine Mom?

Come on Barkley, let's go.  It's been a long day but what's 15 miles to the gallon for your best friend.


  1. oh with those eyes..I'd done the same thing!! lol
    Who knew that your dog could count??


  2. Hari OM
    I'd have been wondering where's mine too!!! Love frozen yoghurt. WTG angel Barkley. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx


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