Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Musings

Easter dawned early, church bells ringing.  Breakfast would be later in the morning.

But first, it appears the redheaded Easter bunny left some eggs around the house.

My husbnd just chuckled at the ears as I replied. .

"If you call me Flopsy - someone's going to get hurt"
 In the office (yes, that's a computer we made out of a 40's Analytical  Balance)
 In the shop - how hard IS an easter egg
Someone hid them everywhere.

All around the house - more candy eggs.
Even in the kitchen that's coming together.
Time for breakfast!

I can't wait for the new cupboards, finished next Month-- but it felt good to have the appliances back in and pictures and plate collections hung up on the walls, even the egg adorned one.

But first - my husband, born when I was in grad school, (yes, I know ALL the cougar jokes) had NEVER blown up a Peep.  Not with a microwave, not with C-4. . . . sigh.

Time to remedy that!

Into the microwave.
And watch them blow up. (when you are a kid this was mindlessly entertaining.)

VOOM!  (next year - a vacuum chamber!)

What do do with those?

Peeps Over Easy with Bacon and Toast?
Hmm.  Maybe not.

If I don't move they'll think I'm a log and accidentally drop the bacon.

How about Danish Braid with Raspberry Filling to go with that bacon.

I'll just have the little end piece.  Because there's still the chocoalate bunny.

What to do with the rest of the peeps?
You all have a wonderful Easter. 

At home or wherever you are.

As we remember the reason for this holiday.
He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.


  1. I have never eaten a peep but I am 100 percent sure I don't like them lol! Your home looks beautiful!


  2. Oops, meant to say Happy Easter!

  3. Hari OM
    Blessed and peaceful day to you all this fine day... Wonder if any of those peeps managed to fly free?!! Huggies, YAM xx

  4. Looks like a fun Easter. I have never blown up a peep either. They weren't things we had around our house. Have a very happy Easter.

  5. Easter blessings to you all!
    (There's a good chance our mom almost had coffee come out her nose when she saw the picture of Godzilla VS the Peeps!!! Ha roo roo roo!!!)
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. Happy Easter to you all.
    I don't think I've seen a peep before. We must not have them in the UK. Is it food? We like it if it's food.
    Love the Easter hunt.
    ~Lickies, Ludo and Arran!

    1. Mom says the just distribute them in the US and Canada but you can find them on Amazon UK. They are a marshmallow with a sugar coating. Mom said when she was little she was not a fan of eating them, people either love them or hate them, it seems. They used to be available at just time but now you see Peep ghosts around Halloween and other peep products for other holidays. - wags and woofs Abby Lab

  7. Peeps over easy what a hoot.
    Hippity Hoppity Happity Easter!
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. OMD, you gots invaded by PEEPS!!!!!! I do loves a peeps! Ma only gave me a LITTLE piece this year, cause she says I"m on a diet...pffffft! whatevers....
    She did howevers thinks that pastry looked mighty delish!!!
    I hopes you guys had a most FABulous Easter!
    Ruby ♥

  9. oh what a fabulous idea! I totally love it! we sadly have no peeps here, but maybe it works with another thingy too? I love such eggsperiments :o) Hoppy Easter!

    1. You could try regular marshmallows. Another thing, if you put toothpicks in them before they get microwaved they look like they're jousting.

  10. Would you believe I have never put a peep in the microwave? How could I have lived all these years and not thought of this fun, but mindless activity. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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