Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sunday Black and White - A Tale of Tails

A Dog's Tail Is:

Mood Indicator
Perpetual Motion Machine
Tabletop Cleaner
Source of Amusement/Chew Toy
Alarm Clock When Used with the Dresser when Human Won't Wake Up

But Most Importantly:  A Dog's Tail Never Lies


  1. Amazing how much you can learn from watching a dog's tail. Our family was always worried about our cousin lab Gypsy when she had to have her tail docked because they could not get her "happy" tail to heal. But that girl could wiggle that nub of a tail just as well as if it were the full tail. So what is your tail telling us now, Abby?

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. I wish I had a long tail instead of a stumpy one. But I'm pretty good at communicating with it anyway.

  3. that's true... tails never lie... and therefore I use it as a tail-mo-meter, it tells me if it is too cold to leave the bed :o)

  4. I've got a long tail that wags a mile a minute!


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