Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Angel Barkley Memories - Road Trip!

Winter 2013. It was time for the weekly commute to work, a several hour drive in the usual heavy truck traffic. I left early, to get here before dark, but with what was left of an accident closing all but one lane, it took over four hours.

I'd driven this route for a couple years already while dating my now husband, no accidents and no tickets.  The secret is -

(1) drive a vehicle with an engine that sucks fuel like a CF700 turbofan  engine
(2) don't break any traffic laws
(3) or don't break them as bad as anyone driving around you.

#3 is easy.  Find the worst possible driver in the world (which is not hard to do on I-65) and when you spot him or her, stay back at their 8 or 4 o'clock position, whichever keeps them between the Highway Patrol on the median and you.

Or simply draft behind the trucks sharing the road responsibly until that smile and glazed look (brains!) in the eyes of the Dart Guy on the back of the truck creeps you out and you have to pass.
Barkley would always travel with me, with a harness that assured in a sudden stop he couldn't turn into one of the Wallenda's.  It did, however, allow him JUST enough room to sit with his rear end on the seat and his front paws on the floor. 

You think I'm kidding, that was how he sat at home when he wasn't napping.
When we finally got to the crash pad,  he would be all excited, RUNNING to the back door in the garage.  Then he realized, this was the small place, with no "Dad", with less toys per square foot, no squirrels to bark at and his pretty friend who took him to the dog park when I worked wouldn't be here until the morning.

And the sulk began.

No one can sulk like a lab.
At least he didn't have to go on call at midnight like some people.


  1. Hari Om
    ....oooh I dunno... angel Jade could pull the long mouth for a hefty time if she thought she was being hard done by!!! No doubt about it though, Labs may have the edge. YAM xx

  2. Aww, Barkley sounds like a true character; I wish I had known him. But I'm looking forward to getting to know him better when I read The Book of Barkley (book). Thanks for sharing your Barkley memories.

  3. Labs are totally amazing at sulking - until it's food o'clock then they're all waggy again when that stomach clock goes off.

  4. Aw, a cute sulk fur sure!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Yes, a Lab can sulk and tear your heart out. Someone recently was considering getting a Lab. I told her to be prepared to be controlled by those eyes! She thought I was kidding.

  6. Our grands' black lab Gypsy liked to sit like that too. Sort of a lab dangle:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. Thank you for your wise driving tips. Maybe no one can sulk like a lab but we have seen lots of dogs who try.

  8. No one can sulk like a lab....
    Astro sure gives it his best shot.
    Our babies sure can pour on the sad face
    to make us feel guilty.

  9. #3 is done... my dad said we have that kind of driver in our furmily... hehehehe

  10. Ghostwriter's been doing a lot of thruway driving lately. She always wonders why, if the car in front of you is in the passing lane, doesn't he freakin' pass? No, he has to block everybody else as he slumps along at exactly 67mph until a line of angry tailgaters forms behind him. Oh no a raindrop—slams on brakes—and a fifty car pile-up ensues. Argh!

  11. Jessie and I can sulk REALLY well. I think it's an art all we pups share.


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