Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Black and White - Life in an Old House

 What is a day like in a hundred-year-old home with no television?

It's soft light through the windows as all is quiet.
It's books, so many books.
 It's seeing your life reflected in those things that surround you.

It's the sound of music of generations ago.
It's board games played while bread bakes in the oven and the dog slumbers nearby.

 It's antique lace, and things few know how to make any more.
It's things from the ground and the garden collected to be beauty or nourishment.

It's the sounds from a shop, things being repaired or built
 to make the home stronger.
It's soft laughter and amber liquid, there in that quiet house
 where you will soon lay your head.


  1. B&W can add more than color sometimes!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Love all of this! Sounds like a nice & cozy Sunday.

    Bell Fur Zoo Mama

  3. We love a quite afternoon on the patio.
    Simple things bring pleasure more than a
    big screen tv or computer monitor.
    xo Astro

    1. Someone offered to buy us a TV "since you obviously can't afford one". I told them very simply but bluntly what our earnings were last year. They said "WHY are you living here, why aren't you in one of those big houses on the Gold Coast?" It's so I can hone life down to what's important and help so many others in need.

  4. Replies
    1. So true, as I wrote about in my first book, I had the 3500 square foot custom home, the career, and all the trappings and I was lonely and miserable. It wasn't until I opened my heart up to a dog that needed me, and had to make sacrifices for his care as well as that of my own family that I realized what was important. I'm so much happier here in this small simple house with a rescue Senior and my husband of four years.

  5. love it... and I miss the time a little with playing board games and with sitting together in the evening instead to watch tv or playing with our techie stuff :O) our modern times are ok, but they are not really made for togetherness ;o(

    1. We enjoy the weekend games, cribbage, and Mexican train dominoes and sometimes Sorry (which, with the new features Hasbro threw in with pitiful poor explanation we know call "Calvinball").

  6. Peace and quiet is a great thing these days! We always hear someone mowing the lawn, or noisy traffic, people outside slamming car doors. Ghostwriter went over and yelled at the guy across the street who played his music loud enough so everyone within a one mile radius could hear it. He was so surprised and embarrassed that he never did it again!

    1. The mowing reminds Mom of being a kid and the yards are all SO small it's not much. We are lucky, retired people on either side of us, and across the street. The bungalows are too small for most growing families so just a couple of young professional couples with a toddler or two down the block and a lot of couples who "downsized". But with home prices in the $400,000 range because it's Chicago, few renters or young people. For that we are glad.


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