Friday, February 6, 2015

Jurassic Bark - A Dino Toy From

Mom was looking at a newspaper in Indiana and there was an article about power lines and keeping them free from raptors, and having watched Jurassic Park one too many times, I think she was thinking Velociraptor - not the bird of prey common in Indiana because she then made this sign to go up at work. 

But Mom, sort of being a goofball scientist aside - knows that EVERYONE loves Dinosaurs. So imagine my delight when I got a package from the folks at Chewy with a chewy dinosaur in it!
It's a  Nylabone Dental Dinosaur!  It comes in brontosaurus, stegosaurus and T-rex.  I asked if it came in "Barney" and Mom said the stuffed Barney met with an industrial accident after she watched 20 episodes back to back with the little peeps.

Mom selected this product from the Chewy newsletter which had some products I could sample for free in exchange for an honest review.  Chewy really values the opinions of the blogging community. Mom picked this one because it's made for "powerful chewers" and she says I could eat a Humvee in 15 minutes if it had a squeaker.
I love my dino!  Mom was a bit surprised as I totally ignore the hard toys and balls in favor of the squeaky, fluffy things I can dismantle.  I also only play with the Kong if there is peanut butter in it. But the dinosaur is awesome!  I was so busy chewing on it, the photo was blurry and my tail was going a mile a minute. I just thought it was fun, but Mom said this will help clean my teach, reducing tartar and freshen my breath (because I do NOT want to go to the Heart to Heart dance with my date Joey with bad breath---or D.O. (Doggie odor).

Mom finally took it away from me, to give back later, as she says such toys should be only used while supervised, and then it was time for dinner.  Yay! (You can also order some great brands of dog food from Chewy and save 5% when you auto ship.)

The dino held up well.  It was recommended for dogs up to 50 pounds.  I'm 82 pounds (10 pounds of that is just fur and the camera adds five pounds, really) and after 20 minutes of serious, solid chewing it had only the tiniest of scratches on it and none of the pointy bits were broken off.  I would certainly recommend it for your non super-sized dogs for fun and  Mom would recommend it for dental health.

Thank you Chewy - you have such good products and your product people are SO nice. Plus it's always wonderful to see the little Chewy label when the mailman comes (P.S.-- do you make a Nylabone mailman?)

Abby Lab


  1. We got one of those, too! Ours is a T Rex though.

  2. Abby, you should see what my boyz do to a Galileo Nylabone! (the giant size one even!)

  3. We got the T-Rex but mom has not gotten it out of the package yet
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Chewy has some great stuff! Mommy better check them out soon.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  5. WOW that is super... we know that they REALLY last a long time... and they are so good fur cleaning teefs..
    We thought that was a stegosaurus.
    Glad that your mom works in a RAPTOR Free Zone.. that would not be good to have those thingys hanging around.

  6. A Nylabone mailman is an excellent idea. I don't know if your mailman would like it, though.

  7. Oh, those look FABulous!! I loves the nylabones..they are delish!!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Frankie - you are right. That IS a stagasaurus! \

    It is still holding up well, into day two.


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