Monday, June 8, 2015

In Dog Beers - I've just had one.

With severe weather to drive through to get to work yesterday (i.e. an actual tornado) and a very long night, I'm going to pat sleeping Abby and (leave some cookies for her dog sitter who cares for her in the home when I work long shifts and walks her each day).

Then it's time for a cold one.

Or two.

At least I didn't arrive on scene with the truck wearing the orange traffic cone of shame.

Cheers -



  1. Yes, I think you deserve a beer - bad weather, lots of driving and Monday. Hope you get rest and relaxation tonight.

  2. Just stay outta them tonadoes...being a little loopie with your best pal is a ll better!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Hari OM
    ...who's counting???.... slurpies... YAM xx

  4. OMD a TORNADO... Those are SOOOOOO scary.
    ABBY we are glad that you will get EXTRA LOVE and SNACKS when the weather is being BAD.

    PEE S.... ummmmm Hurrrrumph hummmmm ahemmmmmmmm I, Frankie Furter was just checkin to see if you were aware that there is going to be a RODEO coming to Blogville ... lots of FUN stuffs to get into... like BRONCO BUSTING and a DANCE and Foodables and did I say that it will be a SQUARE DANCE...????

  5. Oh yes I think you deserve one or five ;)

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  6. When it's time to relax . . . !

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Whitley Westie - I think she deserved one too.

    The Daily Pip - she did take the time and stop and refill my order of Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison treats! (order them at

    Susie and Sidebite - I woke up when more thunderboomers went through Indianapolis last night. Mom actually crawled in the little closet and talked to me and patted me until they were gone.She wasn't loopy but she had garlic cheesebread breath.

    Yamini - Mom gets these frozen drinks after a really long day in the field and she calls them "Mr. Squishys" but I don't think that is the real name.

    Frankie Furter - why yes! I did hear about the rodeo. That sounds like SUCH fun. Just saying, not that that is a clue by four or anything. A Dance you say Well - I can say it's "hip to be square".

    The Adventures of the Bell Fur Zoo - so glad you stopped in!

    Murphy and Stanley - indeed! I am relaxing right now!

    stella rose - thank you my friend!

  8. things are better to bear wirh a beer... you should get one... or two ...


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