Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Soap Operas

Monday.  It might be an actual Monday - or it can be any day of the week that you start back into work, or a big house project.

This particular story began with a long week.  I can't say I was a walking biohazard, but I definitely needed a shower after being out in the field and my water was turned off while I had some plumbing work done at my old house.

I'd stopped to pick up Barkley at a male work partners house where he was staying during the plumbing work (this was before I had met my husband and I didn't know a lot of people in the area). Barkley loved playing with his dog, and there was a fenced yard and doggie door so the two of them had a grand time, when I needed a short notice dog sitter and I made sure there were treats for EVERYONE when I returned.
ON this particular day though, I was hot, and tired, and it looked like water was not going to be in my future until the next day.  So I asked my friend if I could pop into his guest bath and get a shower.

I've been in the man's bathroom before, not as girlfriend material, but as his back up at work for many years. We were colleagues but we were also friends, helping each other out over the years through dogs, kids, bad dates and house repairs, so I didn't mind asking.  I can find what I need. I think. OK. . shampoo. Everyone has shampoo right?

Oh there it is, in the shower stall.  It's utilitarian. It's efficient. The stuff you can soap, shower and clean an engine block with.  It smells like someone just cut down a tree. With nothing but testosterone, a pocket knife and some muscles. Unfortunately it's the kind of shampoo made for guys that work really hard and have a military haircut. My hair is long, down my back and it's fine. There's a ton of it, but it's fine as frog's hair and shampoo like that will have it a snarled mess. Hmmm.

Maybe there's something else under the sink, left by a girlfriend or something. Ah AH. There under the sink. A big girly looking white bottle that said "extra conditioning shampoo". It smells all tropical. Yes! So I ignored the "Lava Soap For Your Head" shampoo in the shower stall , grabbed it and showered up. It smelled wonderful, and my hair was really soft after. I even used the a blow drier to get all the curls out and make it all smooth.
I'm all dressed and my partner walks though, laughing. "So", he says. Why did you use the dog shampoo???

Well - my hair looked great, but I had a sudden urge to go chase a squirrel.


  1. OMD OMD was it Mane and Tail???? that is what EVERYBUDDY in this house uses... and we MEAN THAT... Maybe THAT is why our dad goes out Squirrel Hunting in the fall.

  2. Oh my gosh too funny! My husband once used Pip's shampoo, too. He didn't have his glasses on and grabbed the wrong bottle.

  3. Guess it is a good thing the pugs get bathed in the guest bath tub.- oh wait - guests - maybe that's why the flea shampoo disappeared so fast BOL!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Hari OM
    Well, your hair is still all there, so I guess it was still a safer bet than the first lot!!! Hugs, YAM xx

  5. BOL!!!! I loves that! Ma has had the urge to use my shampoo more than once, butts I tell her NO! Gets your own! I don't want you smellin' like ME! Geesh. That would be weird.
    Hey, did you ever chase that squirrel?
    Ruby ♥

  6. Would be worse to use the doggie toothbrush!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Too funny! My dad once ate ice cream from the container that I got to stick my tongue into lick right out of as a "jackpot" treat for a reward at the end of obedience practice. We will never tell him!

  8. LOL too funny! My niece did that at our house once.


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