Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pet Cams - The Latest in Canine Technology

If I'm stopped for a train or slowed for traffic I tend to notice roadside advertizements more. One billboard was for a Pet Cam which caught my attention with

 "What is YOUR pet doing during the day?"  

Most of us leave our pets at home as we work.  Some of us have dog walkers that come over, or there is a doggie door to a fenced yard so the dog can get outside and sniff the trees and the grass. Like a baby monitor/cam, the Pet Cam can be set up with multiple cameras so can see your pet both inside and outside - with live feed  so you know they're safe.

I thought about getting one for Abby. I try and make sure there is plenty to drink and the home is pet safe, nothing toxic in reach, extra TP out of the way as Abby (like Barkley) loves to snag  the extra toilet paper rolls.  But I wonder if I'd really see anything worthwhile if I got one of those "pet cams".

I'm off to work.  Let's see what the doggie cam has to say.

8 a.m.
10 a.m.
12 p.m.
2 p.m.
4 p.m.

truck pulling in driveway
I think I'm better off without the pet cam.  Sometimes it's better not knowing :-)


  1. BOL 4pm looks like Abby found the toilet paper hiding spot.

    Aroo to you,

  2. We are lucky that our pawrents are retired so we aren't alone much but they have tried to spy on us using a laptop with Skype running. There wasn't much to see either.

  3. I don't know if I want one! I'm not too keen on seeing my pugs crying lol.

  4. LOL! You're right about them sleeping a lot. All the better to keep you up at night!


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