Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Visit From Chewy - and Lessons in Chewing

I got home from work to find a familiar box sitting on the large front porch we have. CHEWY!

We were getting low on dog food so I made a stop on to order some (placing order the first part of the week and it was here today and shipping was FREE) as well as a surprise treat for Abby.

Sweet Potato treats.  Single ingredient and safe for sensitive tummys. They're dehydrated so they make a chewy/rawhide type treat.  Abby apparently has never had this type of treat before.

For I gave it to her, and she just carried it around in her mouth for  while, then I hear a noise and come back to this.

I killed it Mom!
Sigh.  Barkley loved those things, perhaps I'll do a demo with some turkey jerky just have to show her how you're supposed to eat them, not dismantle them.  She has no problems chewing on other things.

Mr. Rabbit sprung a leak.  Abby won't de-squeak her sturdy Kong Cozie stuffies (available at as well!)  She literally carries them around in her mouth and sleeps with them.   But she does like to make them squeak and sometimes a tooth catches an ear or a tail and  over a few weeks we have a small hole (overall they have held up better than all other plush toys).  Balls or flat toys that squeak are quickly de-squeaked but  not her animal stuffies. Those are her fur-ends.

Mr. Rabbit wasn't a Kong toy so he had sprung a slightly larger tear above his tail, but the squeaker was intact. So Dr. Dad did some stuffie surgery while Abby waited in the waiting room with her favorite Kong Cozie Mr. Moose

Aren't you done yet?

Abby was quite happy to have her rabbit back and I saw her getting sleepy.  It wouldn't be long before she picks him up and heads to her dog bed.

Remember Abby - Dr. Dad isn't on call all the time so . . .


  1. We could teach Abby a few things about those sweet potato chews - we LOVE them. They don't last long around here - neither do stuffies:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Hari OM
    Awwww Abby, you like a snuggly bunny huh? Well that's just fine with me! Glad you have a resident stuffy-surgeon... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Hailey likes the sweet potato chew but Phod doesn't do veggies. Toys need to visit the doctor a lot in our house too!

  4. OMD Abby... I love Sweet Potatoes... in ANY form... and Dehydrated ones are SUPER fur some Long TIME chewing pleasure... I am Thrilled that you have those to Enjoy.
    OMD Stuffie Bunny Surgery was a total success... Bravo to the SURGEON.

  5. That treat looks yummy! I wonder if they are pig approved - snorts. XOXO - Bacon

  6. OMD, so THAT'S where Mr. Moose went!! I played with him and played with him and played with him. Momma said I loved his guts out and he had to go recover. So he's at your house? Do you think he'll come back to visit me again soon???


  7. Your momma is a good sewer, we need to send some victims down to her to fix. stella rose


    Oh. Sorry. Wow, those sweet potatoes look great! we've been meaning to try them!
    Wishing Mr. Rabbit a good recovery.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  9. It's funny how different dogs treat their toys. Joey dog, on the rare instances when he's interested in a plush toy, will only mouth it, and never chews or tears it. Chester, on the other hand destroys every toy no matter what it is. He loves his unstuffed and de-squeaked toys after that, and mouths them gently and sleeps with them.

    Yum yums get devoured no matter what they are! Sweet potatoes are delish!


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