Saturday, March 12, 2016

POTP for Hank the Dog and some of Blogville


Sadly - I got news that Hank the dog went to the Bridge today, surrounded by people who cared about him, burned over 80% of his body with smoke damage to his lungs.  The vet bill will still have to be paid, as well as tending to his remains and his "Dad" is now homeless  - so thanks for your prayers and support for his Dad Chris, who had no other family but Hank. - LB

How the day started: 

Abby Lab here - they say the world is a small place and indeed it is.  This morning my Mom saw news about an apartment fire in Alabama while searching for weather related news in the south, where a friend lives.  No humans were hurt but a dog was burned and injured as it jumped from the third floor apartment to escape the flames. So sad.

Later, she got a message from a friend in Colorado, regarding a GoFundme for a dog hurt in a fire. It was that same dog.  Mom's good friend said the person that the dog jumped towards was someone Mom knows as well, the neighbor of the man who lost everything he owned and almost his best friend.

Hank's  apartment was the only one badly burned but it was gutted.  Hank the dog went through a glass window or door to flee the flames before jumping from the third floor to his neighbor Joe. He was attended to by first responders, just like people, administering to his burns and getting him oxygen.
The man Mom knows, the neighbor of Hank's owner, has set up a Go Fund Me, to help with the dog's vet expenses - he's got some cuts, some burns and a couple broken bones, but he is stable at AMC Emergency Specialty Center and  hopefully will recover with proper care. He is all that this poor man has left, everything else burned, the other units suffering only smoke damage or no damage at all. Here's the info and the link to go fund me.

The goal is enough to cover the vet bill and perhaps leave a little extra over to help his owner Chris, further, as he literally has only his vehicle and the clothes on his back left. Click on the link below for more info.

Thanks for sharing some POTP wishes for healing for Hank and his owner Chris from Birmingham.

We also have a GoFundMe fundraiser for Cookie's Mom on the right sidebar for Cookie's meds with a thanks to everyone who donated.

Lastly,  please give some additional POTP to the Dad of 
He's been in the hospital with tummy issues and it's worrisome for everyone.

And as always, Mom appreciates the prayers for her 95 year old Dad, who is in failing health, but happy in his home of 60 years, with the full time health aid Mom gets for him so he can stay there as he wishes.

Thanks  - I hope we can all get where things are healed and calm and Mom and everyone can just be like THIS

No Mom - I never said you were SHAPED like that - just that you need to be all relaxed and happy like that. 


  1. OMG, this is heartbreaking ...I will make a small donation.

  2. First, thank you so much for the POTP. It must be working because as I type this comment, the Man is up and cooking (thank goodness, I was close to starving).

    We are so, so sorry to hear about Hank. Sending our love to his family and friends.

  3. POTP to all. So sorry to hear about Hank. :(

  4. OMD OMD what a SAD SAD story. We are so sorry about what happened.

  5. POTP across the board for all. So sorry to hear that Hank didn't make it. We sent big hugs to his owner and wish him well - so much loss for the poor man.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. So sorry about Hank......Hugs to the family.
    Wyatt and Family

  7. Oh, I'm just so sad. Hank looked like a good boy, and that is how he will be remembered. If I could have just one moment with him, I'd tell him he is the best dog. Because every dog is.

    And if I knew Hank's dad, I would tell him to remember his doggy is in heaven, running around and doing all the adorable things he'd always do on earth!

    This is just so sad. Makes my tiny heart break.

    Here for Hank,
    Christmas the Dachshund


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