Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Brain is Tired

 Abby Lab here - Mom says her brain is tired after a 14 hour day doing both job and author stuff.
 She'd rather be riding her bike.

Still ,there were moments of fun, and some coffee was spewed in her secretary's cube
The calendar is old but she likes the message.
My Mom is sort of a nut and has goofy stuff up everywhere.  Including the ham radio diagram and the gnome target she took out with some .45 at the LEO range after a bad Travelocity experience.
 She's happy to have more space with her promotion but she misses  being outside doing field work.
 But since she blew her knee out she has to be careful.
You all enjoy some family and dog humor, Mom's going to bed and the computer is going off.


  1. Oh dear, not another Mom who would rather be riding her bike. I have one of those.
    What's wrong anyway with 'I'd rather be walking my dog'?
    Toodle pip!

  2. Mom has nothing this cool at her new desk, she has Kleenex, and disinfectant wipes, ........she says its a dangerous place to work now that it is flu season...............geeze. stella rose

  3. Ghostwriter knows what you mean about tired brain syndrome. Please get some sleep now. Tomorrow's another day.

  4. my mom has very interesting stuff efurrywhere too.... my dad said itÄ's all trash... but I think that are trashures :o)


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