Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dog Day Afternoon - Good Times with Fur-ends

Abby Lab here. It was a very busy week for Mom at work - the Big Cheese was gone which made her Acting Big Cheese and there were more politics and meetings than Mom wants again in a 5-day stretch.  She came home last night,  had a piece of ciabatta bread and a glass of wine, fed Dad some pizza and slept for 10 hours.

Today dawned much brighter. Silver dollar "World's Fluffiest Pancakes" and a game or two.

If you have never played Ticket to Ride (especially if you love trains) check it out - Mom and Dad say it is VERY fun, and can be quite competitive.

But it's also simple enough the younger members of the family can play. Each player gets x number of trains, each with their own color. You get three destination cards (city A to city B) worth varying points based on their length. You can discard one, but if you keep all and don't finish the track you deduct those points. Each track is colored or has a neutral any color goes segment. You draw cards with varying colors of trains, some are shown face up, or you can select a wild card or two. When you have enough to build a track you can on a turn, one track per turn and you can't draw your two cards when you do that.  You are done when one player is down to one train.  Each track is worth x number of points which are added up as you play.

But then, Mom's best friends came over! We hadn't seen them since Christmas time and I missed them all so much. MC and Frances and their fellas, who are both engineers like Dad and our great friend M., who has been best friends with Frances's husband since they were little kids ALL met us to spend the afternoon.

It's MC! It's MC! Mom's best friend! Angel Barkley had many grand adventures at their country home with their rescue cats and Angel Schmoe the Lab before Mom met Dad.
 First I had to give them a tour of the "Stuffie Zoo".
Then - after pets all around and some time to catch up, it was time to head over to the Pub, now that it would be less busy and they could get one of the big tables.
Mom thought the brickwork was kind of old and cool looking.

Everyone started with appetizers -  fried pickles, corned beef bites, and fried cheese curds in beer batter, but Mom forgot to take pictures as she was so hungry as they didn't eat lunch until almost 3 pm.
So mom was good and had a salad with grilled chicken and radishes. Mom and MC kept saying "radishes" with a thick Scot accent and then cracking up.  I've been around those two - it's like two best friends in grade school.
 MMMM.  Shepherds Pie with the homemade bread they bake here.
 Poutine.  Frances is from Canada so she had to order it.
 Fish and Chips
 Irish Breakfast. 
 Guinness Stew
Don't forget the doggie bags!

Back at the house, I got supper and more pets, and playtime with my stuffies, then more pets before it got dark and everyone headed home.
I am so happy you all visited. Please come back - I love you.


  1. Hi Abby! I like your posts about food, especially when it includes a recipe from your mom and/or I learn something. I had never heard of poutine so I looked it up. Thanks. Btw, I love the last picture, you are beautiful.

  2. I am sitting at the computer and saying, "radishes" in a Scots accent, and then giggling, and my wife of many years does not even ask why.

  3. Looks like you lined the stuffy zoo up in railway tracks, too. Were you playing along?

    Haven't had breakfast yet. A bowl of Sultana Bran looks pretty ordinary next to that display of food! Can't have poutine here: no cheese curd....sigh.

  4. OMD! We loves all that food! The stuffs we get around here is like prison gruel. BTW, our table that we used to have was just like yours only with scalloped corners!

    Your Pals Who Are Heading Out In The Morning,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Prison Gruel. BOL. Today, Mom and Dad were still pretty full so breakfast was Cheerios and lunch was some tacos made out of some leftover TVP. Dad's going to have the remains of the Guinness stew for dinner with Guinness Bread that Mom is baking (she's going to have a smoothie - I think someone ate TOO many cheese curds).

      Abby Lab

  5. Oh, WOW! Did you really get a doggie bag?!?! Was any of that fish from the fish and chips in there?!?!? That looked WONDERFUL!!!
    Sounds like a very fun time!

    1. I got several nibbles of meat and veggies. YUM! I don't think there was any fish left though - there is NEVER any of that fish left, it is SO good.

      Abby Lab

  6. What a busy weekend you had. Our Aunt C has ticket to ride. The peeps only played it a few times, they are big into games. Lady and Man have a lot. The food all looks sooooooo good!

  7. Wow! What a great day! We'll have to check out that game because my favorite miniature human, Ryan, loves trains. My esteemed late colleague Joey dog would have enjoyed your fabulous yum yum report. (What's the name of that place?) Oh, and good friends visiting too? Can't have a better day than that!

  8. the food is taaaasty... the moment we saw the fish and chips we tried to eat them from the screen... there is nothing better than f&c... nothing...


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