Friday, April 28, 2017

Bachelor Living and the General Electric Pinata.

To start this post. My husband is on the road.  He's a mechanical engineer. Actually, he's an engineer/inventor that has his name on a patent or two on stuff you may see in your home, all before he was 30. But if you ask him what he does, he just tells people he works in a factory.

But when the machinery/tooling he has designed goes funky because someone tried to"improve" it, he's usually on a plane to one of many countries to back-engineer it to correct it.  I am probably not one of many wives that hears "honey, I won't be home for dinner, I'm on my way to China. don't drink the last beer", but I know I'm not the only one.  But it's more work here around the homestead when he is gone, especially with a dog, a full-time job, and a long commute.  With the bad knee I have a dog walker, so Abby and I usually do pretty well "bacheloring" it.   But Thursday was NOT one of thse days.

For you see,  Abby Lab can't do grains. Think Poonami or Poonado.  I found that out the hard way during our first long road trip after we adopted her and I fed her some grocery store dog kibble.
So I get her some grain free high-quality food.  I also get her this great grain-free bulk treats at the

(they currently have multiple locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina). We love our store in Western Springs, IL and Abby LOVES those bulk treats. There are SO many flavors and shapes.  Abby loves the bacon cheese bits, the liver bones, the peanut butter puffs, the little rosemary bones and there's probably a dozen flavors she hasn't tried yet. You load them up into a brown paper bag and pay by the pound. We buy them, fill up her treat jar and store the rest in the freezer.

I didn't realize there was a cup of treats in the kitchen freezer, in a crunched up brown bag, we'd tucked in there and then forgotten, the majority of our frozen stuff gone into the chest freezer in the walkout basement.

Until I  partially defrosted the ice tray.
Our refrigerator/freezer is older than me.  That's saying a lot. Though it does fit in nicely with the kitty-cat clock. Needless to say, it is NOT frost free.  After muttering numerous HBO words trying to get a single cube for my shot of single malt the other night, I took an extension cord, a hair dryer and got the shelf for the ice cube tray somewhat ice free - not great but I could get the ice cube tray out.  (Honestly, it went well, picture scotch deprived redhead who hasn't seen her husband in a week with an extension cord and hair dryer in Wonder Woman pajamas, cursing in a combination of Scot Gaelic and Norwegian).
The rest of the freezer looked like Antarctica but there enough bits and pieces of Tupperware leftover food in there I didn't want to mess with it quite yet.

Until the burrito incident.

For you see, when I melted some of the ice on the shelf for the ice cube tray, some of that melted water dripped down and refroze to other food items below. Not an issue if it's plastic, but an issue if it's a brown paper bag of dog treats.

So when I pulled out my DIY chicken bean burrito with gluten free tortilla in foil, which had frozen to the dog treat package - the treat package ruptured and treats SPEWED out of the freezer onto the floor.

General Electric PINATA!

Abby was estatic as the refigeration SPEWED out a cup of dog treats on the floor.

I had a big mess to clean.

Once I got the remaining treats Abby hadn't snarfed rounded up, I shut off the power to the outlets in the kitchen so the fridge didn't try and cool itself in the process and got out the hair dryer and defrosted the whole thing. When it was ice free, I added a lot of cold stuff back in from the basement freezer to normalize the temperature and then turned the power back on so the 60+ year old moter didn't die of over-exertion.
Abby of course, wouldn't leave the area for the rest of the day and evening and kept snooting the fridge then snooting me, wanting a reenactment of the Pinata incident. I was about ready to call the vet to see if she could be put on Ritalin.

Finally, she settled down after I gave her ONE treat and her Angry Bird toy.
I will be really happy when my husband is home.


  1. A fridge dat spits out treatz???

    Whut a lucky dog!!!

  2. OMD, I need a treat pinata too!! Abby, how lucky!

  3. It is always better when the whole pack is home together!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. We need one of those special treat machines too:) Mom always says at least we make good vacuum cleaners for snarfing up all the food crumbs.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. oooo!! we love when stuff spills on to the floor!
    Mr BAiley, Hazel & mabel

  6. We don't have a frost free either--not an old fridge, just cheap! I just leave it unplugged overnight and scrape the next morning. We've never had the piñata game though, but I'm sure the dogs would LOVE it!

  7. Abby you got the right idea, I stand by the frig all the time.
    I hope your frig sends out more treats to you. Mine is closed
    and no matter how hard I look at it, the darn thing won't open.
    xo Astro

  8. That's almost as funny as the time you mistook the box of dog treats for the box of cookies for your lunch box! ;-)


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