Monday, August 21, 2023

Lorelei arthritis update

Lorelei, who had a serious flare-up of her arthritis (coupled with serious hip dysplasia), is doing much better. We were really worried as she just wasn't herself, not wanting to play, and obviously in discomfort, which came on pretty suddenly. Our vet recommended a nearby Veterinary orthopedic center where she has been going for checks and is having a weekly course of acupuncture and/or cold laser therapy and a couple of doggie chiro adjustments (favoring one side with the pain led to a decrease in mobility). The difference has been amazing in just about 5 weeks. She's waggy and wiggly again, eating well and wanting to play (though no running). Yesterday was her first session on the hydro treadmill to help her walk with an even gait as she develops her strength. With the encouragement of the technician and my husband, she was a trooper.


  1. I hope that the hydro treadmill will help.

  2. So glad Lorelei is feeling better with you using all available therapy techniques.


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