Friday, August 1, 2014

Remembering Barkley

The Book of Barkley Blog is here at your request, to continue to share the stories and photos of Barkley the black lab.  For the 8 and a half million folks that visited him over at my place, I hope you will stop back with this new blog each week to remember him and share your own canine stories.

I will also offer up pictures that correspond to the chapters in the book, a number of them that have never been seen
Yo, Mom, I was watching Animal Planet.  What's with you guys taking over  the crash pad  TV set.
Yeah, but he's messing with my channel.  There was going to be hot poodles on the commercials, I know it.
Hey, he's in my spot, I'm supposed to get the spot next to Mom.
Well, Archer IS kind of like Animal Planet. . . .
You were ignoring me so I ate your last roll of toilet paper.

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