Monday, January 21, 2019

Barkley Memories - That First Trip to PetsMart

Mom - I need more squeaky toys.  You leave, you're gone for days and you come home all tired out, without any squeaky toys.

I remember that day, my fiance (now husband)  was visiting me in Indiana and we had a few errands that needed to be run before our Fall wedding.

First a stop at the BigBox store for some cleaning stuff ("hey look - the WalMart Brand of foaming bathroom cleaner with "Scrubbing Bubba") and a trip to the UPS store to pick up all my mail.

Then off to PetsMart.  We'd not been to one before.  He had another groomer that was co-located with his doggie daycare, and most of the time when I needed something, I'd order it online.

But here we were, on our first trip.

 I wasn't sure how Barkley would do, as he hates tile floors, but once he saw all the toys and the smells and the other dogs, he just charged right in pulling his "Dad" like some sort of Nantucket Sleigh Ride.
Look! People!
Hmmm, giant tub of dog Cheetos or the chewy snacks. Can I have both?
I think we need the "Beware of Dog" sign to intimidate that wimpy mixed breed terrier next door.
Oh look, it's dog adoption day!  I'm so lucky to have a home, I hope some folks will take these dogs home today and give them treats.

From the distance came the sound of several squeaky toys going off in a single round and the rest of the pictures were just "dog shape blur"

He did behave himself at the check stand while his treats, a new leash and a  $1.99 sale toy were bagged up. (The duck was on sale apparently due to a pneumothorax.)

See Barkley - you behaved so you get a toy of your own.

squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek squeeky squeekkkkkkkkkkk!!!! OK, that's enough toy for now Barkley.
You can have my duck when you pry it out of my cold, cold jaws.

Yes, I think everyone had fun! (look carefully at the sticker on my shirt)

So many good memories Barkley while you were with us, and so many new ones to be made with our Miss Abby.
Look Mom - I got a scarf from the PetSmart groomer that matches my squeaky elephant! 

Don't I look adorable?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Walkies Play by Play

Dad, I think you forgot my evening walk (insert Elvis
Face here).
Did you hear me?  Walkies.  It's Walkies time!
Abby, you have to wait, I'm putting the leftover foodables away with Mom.

And that's more important than walkies?

Color me Sad.
Wait, Dad's getting his coat on!
And he just put a treat in his pocket for when I go potty.  Yay!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Night Chilling

When you rub a couple of drops of Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil between your hands and then rub on your dog's head (not the ears) and chest to calm them during a winter storm (Vet approved).  Works on thunderstorms too!


Friday, January 18, 2019

Nature Friday - Still Life and Squirrels

Today we are joining Rosy, Arty, and Jakey from


I put a little extra seed and nuts out for the Squirrel 
Cartel this morning as we have a big storm coming
and they probably won't get to eat tomorrow.
It's just COLD out, after the mild winter we have had so far.
And it's going to be single digits by Monday.
This was the only bird at the feeder this morning.
He preferred hanging off the side of it rather than
 perching on the little platform.
"I learned this watching Spiderman!"
Uh, Oh, they've spotted the munchies! We have a large side yard with old Spruces (squirrel condos).
About 8 squirrels live there, and two live in the Spruce 
tree on the other side of the house.
There are a couple of squirrels that live in a maple
across the street that come running if
they spot me.

Sort of like this!

If one peanut is good.
Two crammed in my mouth is even better!
"I prefer dining alone, thank you."
What do you mean all the peanuts are gone already!
 I'm outa here!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

You Had Me At Bacon

I have survived the pre and post-holiday sales, the pre-Valentine's sales, not finding any "furlough sales".  But I have been busy, not writing on book #5, as the muse went south with my paycheck.  But I'm taking care of an elderly lady from our congregation several days a week.  She fell, not badly injuring herself, but leaving her bruised and a little wobbly.  Home health care is expensive, so she has a nurse for overnight, but needs some company during the day so myself and a couple other ladies from the Bell Choir volunteered to keep her company until she healed and felt stronger and used to a walker in the home.

Tonight I'm home, another lady is covering and I really didn't want a supper I had to fuss over as my husband is working late and then making an Aldi stop before the big storm this weekend (for milk, emergency dog yogurt, and white wine).   I thought I'd make one of Angel Barkley's favorite treats.  He didn't get maple syrup but sausage was usually involved.


I'm not sure how "French Toast" got its name as it's been around since the Middle Ages in a whole lot of places other than France (who call it "Pain Perdu").  Day old bread dipped in egg and milk and fried is something that translates to Yum" in any language.  In Norway, where my Grandfather  Gullikson is from, it is called  “Arme Riddere”. This translates to “Poor Knights” and it is often topped with a bit of sugar and cinnamon before frying and then topped with fresh jam. It's also sometimes made with savory ingredients, such as ham or cheese, whatever is on hand.  This makes it a dish the  Norwegians would refer to as “restemat”, Norwegian for ‘leftovers’.

And I have leftover bacon!
Arme Riddere (French Toast) Panini.  Using what little bits I had on hand in the fridge, I smeared some sourdough bakery bread that was getting dry, with a Tablespoon or two of low-fat Neufchatal Cheese (low fat cream cheese) and then smeared with a thin layer of Golden Shred orange marmalade picked up in the UK. Then I topped that with some freshly cooked thick cut bacon. Perfect!  It was then dipped on each side in an egg whisked up with a little milk and then popped into the chicken grill/panini contraption and baked until it's golden and toasty.  Norway Meets Italy!!
I drizzled it with just a bit of maple syrup and ate it like a sandwich.  Sweet and savory, creamy inside with just the right bit of crunch outside, it was the perfect little supper.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Police Blotter

Abby Lab here - Mom has a good friend that is a minister up in Alaska.  He shared the local police blotter, and she started snorting her coffee reading some of them, especially the one about the wildlife.

So for today - we present Police Blotter:  Never Mind

Welfare Check
Officers responded three times to a residence where an intoxicated occupant repeatedly called the police for assistance with unspecified problems, and then insisted that they leave once they arrived on scene. No criminal activity was observed.

An intoxicated caller reported a possible theft. The caller was unable to articulate why she thought there was a theft and hung up the phone.

Assistance Rendered
Caller reported being attacked by swooping eagles. She was afraid to move for fear of injury. Officers responded to assist. As the officers arrived, the sun set. The eagles seemed to lose interest in the caller once it was dark.  She was able to continue walking down the hill unmolested by her feathered attackers.

Caller reported individuals “dip-netting” in the “Church Hole.” Officers responded and found that two German tourists were filming the salmon underwater using GoPros on a pole.

Officers investigated a possible oversized trailer. The trailer was under water when an officer arrived on scene and its dimensions could not be immediately ascertained.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officer investigated some blinking lights on a piece of heavy equipment. Nothing was found to be amiss.

Caller reported that someone was feeding the eagles causing a hazard as one of the eagles had flown into her truck. Officers investigated and discovered that the eagles were not being fed but were congregating, as eagles are known to do.

Ambulance Request 

EMS personnel provided care and transport for a man who had been struck in the back with a 35-kg block of frozen fish.


Barking dog complaint. An officer responded to the residence at which the barking dogs allegedly live, and found the two dogs there were the only dogs in the neighborhood that were not barking.

Assistance Rendered 

An officer responded to the PCR regarding a report of smoke emanating from the building.  The officer determined that the smoke was coming from a chimney in the Burma Road Chapel.


Two police officers and the ACO chased a small vulpine dog that was frolicking in traffic, from East Broadway to Dutton to Jack London Drive, where it eventually fled to the confines of its own home.  The owner was cited. 

Suspicious Person/Activity 

Drunken caller in Florida reported that her husband, in Unalaska, had threatened to kill her. She reported as well that her husband had tried to hit her 19 years earlier, but had instead hit their daughter.  An officer asked the woman to phone with more information when she is sober.

Thanks to our friend Reverand Paul and for also sending the follow up article about the young officer that writes the blotter.

Small Town's Police Blotter Is A Riot

In one Alaskan fishing village, crime is a laughing matter. It's not the crimes that have residents chuckling so much as how they're written about. The Unalaska crime report is full of eagle aggression and intimate encounters gone awry in the Aleutian Islands.

Sgt. Shockley, Dutch Harbor Police Dept.
When Sgt. Jennifer Shockley (now the Deputy Chief) heads out on patrol each day, she's got the police blotter on her mind. Her goal is to paint a detailed picture of the town's often ridiculous crimes.

"I can only imagine that someone who's never been here would think that this is some kind of Twilight Zone town where every form of human oddity and absurdity exists all at once — exacerbated by alcohol," she says."

Friday, January 11, 2019

Canine Snack Attack

It was a busy week.  Though I'm furloughed from my job, I offered to provide in-home care to an elderly lady from church who had fallen and needed some help getting around until her family could arrange for in-home nursing care.  It was a bit of a commute there, so I didn't have a lot of time at home for chores. I did get the bedroom tidied up from the first laundry explosion after my husband came home from a trip with lots of dirty clothes, setting down a fresh set of earplugs on the nightstand. It's from all the years in hotels as a pilot - I can't sleep without earplugs even if our neighborhood is quiet as a mouse.

 BEEP!  The clothes drier is done!

When I came back, one of them was missing

Uh, huh, I think I found it.

Yup, looks like someone snagged it and spit it out
It wasn't a Cheeto!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Who Knew Dogs Could Tell Time

On days that I have a hearing of Polycom or otherwise work away from home, Abby has a professional dog walker/sitter that takes her out at least once during the day.  She's a retired postal carrier and loves walking Abby and a couple other dogs each work day. Abby just LOVES her and will wait patiently for her to show up at the back door.  But she also waits patiently on the days I telework each month, thinking she'll get another visit from her friend. in addition to my taking her out for play in the yard on my lunch break. She starts the watch at EXACTLY the same time every day, about 10 minutes before her walker normally arrives.

Mom, it's 11:30, she should be here by now. I'm getting worried.
I'm beginning to think something is wrong.  Dad's gone, you did schedule the dog walker didn't you?
Seriously Mom - I'm beginning to think you shorted me here. You only play with me 15 minutes on days you have to work cuz you only get a 30-minute lunch.  J. walks me at least 30 minutes or takes me out to potty then plays with my stuffies with me in the house when it's really too cold out for my paws. AND she gives me more treats than you do.
Dad walking me before and AFTER work doesn't count Mom.  I am building up a walk deficit as we speak!  I want my attorney!
I'll just sit here until you can take me out for 3 nanoseconds on your next break.