Saturday, August 19, 2017


Dad's finally home.  He got to sit in business class on his flight home with Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, and that's all he could talk about. What about ME Dad, what about Mom and Me chasing Petey the possum out of the yard, and what happened to the last of the Cadbury Bar.

Oh what? - Enough of our stories? We've had our sleep and it's time for foodables.  What's that?  I heard the sound of a bowl.
 I hear it, I smell something.
 Could it be?
Yo, Mom.  Dad has foodables and I don't! It's a bowl of Great Nuts (I hear they're made out of stone-ground squirrels).
 The prosecution objects!
Look - I'm not against bribery.  Will $15 get me a bowl of Great Nuts?
 Fine - distract me with throwing a stuffie.
 He Shoots. She Scores.
Oh boy, that's the ball my boyfriend Frankie Furter's family sent.
 I got it!
Seriously, Mom, you're not on your game, first the cereal and now a Chewy box that's been sitting here for like four YEARS.
I'll just sit here and starve to death, you all go ahead and open the boxes and listen to ZZ Top.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Flower Friday With Arty and Jakey

Welcome and come on in. Today we join

For some Friday Flower Funnies

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday - TeaTime

This Thursday we join our friend

for Thankful Thursday. Today, while Abby snoozes in the sunlight, I'm thankful to be feeling better after a really awful head-cold, for treats from the Brits store in Lawrence Kansas to go with my afternoon tea time
and a solar powered bobbing Corgi (also from Brits) - just because it made me smile.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Like the House Smelling like Chicken Fat is a BAD thing - An Abby T. Lab Post

Abby the Lab here, doing tonight's dog blog post.

Mom's had a couple of busy weeks and she was sick for a few days so she's' been a bit stressed. Plus dealing with some traffic issues, with a bridge and lane closure on her way home, the commute the last week has not been good. She said it was a ZOO.

She tries to plan ahead. For example, she put some chicken pieces in the crock pot yesterday to cook, so she could put them in containers this morning to have shredded for salads and casseroles. BUTT, she makes them with an olive oil based dressing, then removes the chicken meat and leaves the bones and the skin and the oil in the crock pot.  The chicken is SOOO yummy. BUTT, it makes a REALLY messy crock pot after the chicken is put into Tupperware.

Dad said "don't worry, fill it with water and let it soak and I'll dispose of it before work." since Mom had the morning off for a dog-tor appointment and would be getting up after him.

Except there was an emergency at Dad's work and he had to go to O'Hair at o'dark hundred to catch a flight to Texas.

Leaving the crock pot full of chicken skin bits and bones and fatty water.

NOOO, I didn't get into it, as it was up high and away from the edge of the counter, but when Mom got home from a doctor's appointment and errands it was a smelly mess.

I notice these things.

So I let Mom know the instant she got home in her nice "run errands among the rich soccer moms" outfit that it needed to be taken care of. Mom's smart, she got the crock pot rounded up to pour off the mess for the trash.

Except someone got in the way

And there was a big tidal wave in the crock pot.

And most of the chicken fat water and bones and skin pieces ended up down the front of Mom's new shirt and yoda pants  (I know everyone calls them Yoga pants but Mom is so old I'm pretty sure her's are YODA pants).
Mom and the kitchen smelled SOOOOO good, she's my new bestest friend! Look, my tail has gone hypersonic!

No picture, cuz she got right OUT Of the clothes,

But decided right then and there she needed a SHOT of something.

The Chocolate kind.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Black and White - Life in an Old House

 What is a day like in a hundred-year-old home with no television?

It's soft light through the windows as all is quiet.
It's books, so many books.
 It's seeing your life reflected in those things that surround you.

It's the sound of music of generations ago.
It's board games played while bread bakes in the oven and the dog slumbers nearby.

 It's antique lace, and things few know how to make any more.
It's things from the ground and the garden collected to be beauty or nourishment.

It's the sounds from a shop, things being repaired or built
 to make the home stronger.
It's soft laughter and amber liquid, there in that quiet house
 where you will soon lay your head.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Eats - Sourdough Birthday Pancakes

What'cha making Mom?

Abby T. Lab here - we're celebrating Mom's 50 (mumble mumble)th birthday today.

Dad got her some nice gifts and a funny dog card!
MMM - Crawford's Biscuits - Mom LOVES those with her afternoon tea! (Mom's biological Mom was English, just like her adopted Dad).

The acrylic wine glasses are so when she has her bubble bath she can sip her Moonshine Chardonnay during her bath without risk of broken glass as she steps out of the tub. The last trip Dad made to the UK to his company's factory there, he brought home a bunch of bubbly bath stuff so she will look forward to that.
Dad picked out a pretty birthday nightie for her as well.
With some evening reading material (I know, Mom is weird with what she reads).

After the presents were opened, Dad was going to make her breakfast but Mom had a great surprise yesterday when after her wild yeast sourdough starter died a few months back (remove hat, look solemn), her next door neighbor brought her a fresh batch of sourdough starter to start feeding and walking (what, no walkies for the sourdough, just feeding?).  So after it enjoyed the warm sun porch for a bit, she fed it, then let it sit in the warm room a few more hours before making a "sponge" for breakfast pancakes before tucking the remaining starter in the refrigerator with a clean coffee filter as a bedtime cap.

Mom and Dad have the nicest neighbors, we are very blessed

This is regular sourdough starter (the wild yeast starter Mom had was nice but it was "persnickety", as my human Grandpa would say).  I think this batch will do very well, with just a feeding once or twice a week.

Here is a great tutorial if you want to start your own:

The recipe came with the neighbor's gift of ready-to-go sourdough starter, the neighbor's kind wife writing down a couple of them.  Mom tweaked it just slightly to make enough for just two people and adding just a bit more leavening (she likes her pancakes SUPER fluffy). She also put some notes in here for a Vegan version for Murphy and Stanley's Mom (because we know how much Carol likes to cook, bar har har) and Yam Aunty.

Soughdough Pancakes (or waffles)

Sourdough "sponge"  (make the night before).

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk (or nut milk for Vegan version)
1/2 cup sourdough starter

Mix in a non-metal bowl with a wooden spoon (sourdough does NOT like metal).  Cover with a clean dish towel and leave out overnight on the counter.
Click to enlarge photo, I double dog dare you.

In the morning mix in one little bowl:

1/2 cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
3 teaspoons sugar

Into the sourdough sponge, whisk with a wooden spoon:

1 egg 
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil. 

Note:  you can make a Vegan egg replacer with: 

1 Tablespoon ground flax or chia seed (measure after grinding)
3 Tablespoons water

Mix vigorously and let sit 10 minutes and mix in like you would one regular egg.

Mix dry ingredients into the sponge bowl (not to be confused with SpongeBob) with a wooden spoon. Cook pancakes on a preheated and oiled griddle (or in your waffle iron per manufacturer's directions.)


Happy Birthday, Mom - now can I have a pancake to go with that treat?