Wednesday, October 22, 2014

For Those Who Knew Barkley Best

For my long time friends - some photo of Barkley I don't think you've seen. 
Barkley and my friend M. from Just People blog.
Bark -o-Lounger
There's a tiny little dog in your suitcase Mom!

You have sandwich on your breath!  Where's mine?
Dad, I saw a Grizzly bear do this on TV.  Just give me a minute, I'll have that Salmon!


  1. Oh I love them!!! Especially the 'Bark-o-Lounger'. I've got a dog who KNOWS how to Lounge. I'll get pics up of him someday, meanwhile I'll continue to enjoy yours!

    Thanks for the pics and the site and all the words.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,

    Cap'n Jan

    Who has been outside all day fiddling around with a misbehaving B&S engine. I may have it figured out. I have GOT to get over to the boat.

    I am a Sister of the Order of the All-Sixteenths**.

    *All-sixteenths - the most useful and the most cursed tool in the toolbox - the adjustable wrench. AKA the knucklebuster.

  2. Heh, labs will be labs.

    Those pics bring back lots of memories. sigh.

  3. LOL, great pics, and oh so true on the lounging!!!


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