Friday, March 11, 2016

Blogville PD - Be on the Alert!

It's Friday and the squirrels are ready to rumble!

Somebody needs to let  Police Commissioner Sarge know!

And what's this - Oh no!    Someone lost their pet and he's HUNGRY.  If you see him, toss a chicken and run and call the Blogville Police.

Go check out Police Chief Ranger's Post.  The Blogville police department is expanding and there are new positions available for Deputy Top Cop, a Dispatcher and a Morale Office (to make sure everyone's safe and welcome and we don't run out of donuts).

There's more info on Ranger's Blog so click on the link right below.

Officer Abby reporting for duty!


  1. Hari OM
    My word, what a smart force Blogville will have - an example set for others to follow! You totally rock that cap Abby..... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Dat skwerril are just askin for some police brutality.

  3. Lookin' gooooood, Abby! We didn't know squirrels were packin' knives!

  4. Oh dear, I'll pass on the job. Those snakes look really, really mean. We're not used to seeing many snakes in WI - just harmless grass snakes or rattlers in the hill country by the Mississippi Valley, which we never go to.

  5. OMD Officer Abby... you gotta BUST that Evil Squirrel... we know that he doesn't PAWsibly have a Carry Pawmit fur that DEADLY weapon. AND OMD that WANTED POSTER sends Chills down my Spine ... clear to the tip of my TAIL....{{{SHUDDER}}}.
    Blogville's Pawlice Force surely has its Paws FULL.

  6. Oh my WORD! He's got a KNIFE!!!

  7. velox looks not really friendly... but the squirrel with a knife... well that's really scary :o)

  8. Tree rats with blades now?!?! What the woof?!?


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