Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fenced In

You all remember the BEFORE steps, steep as the alps with really high steps that were hard on mom's knee and my older joints.

Mom wanted to fence the backyard but we couldn't as in order to gate them, the gate would be right next to the driveway and Dad has to cut the corner  through the edge of the grass there when Mom's big four-door 4 x 4 truck is in the driveway.

So Dad rebuilt the steps, making the steps very shallow (there's just more of them) and rotating them back 90 degrees into the yard so the little grassy bit is there on the left for him to make his turn onto his parking pad (that will get cemented in)
The red and blue lines were the zip line that I used to get out before, but it still meant Mom had to step out onto the porch to hook me up, even if it was icy or snowy.  Not good, with  only one good knee left.
At the bottom is a gate.  Dad will cement or brick that part in before it snows.

I've never been off a leash before.  I'll just stand here cuz I don't think I'm supposed to be off the leash.  Mom took me to a dog park once.  I wouldn't leave her side.

I can Mom, really?
OK. but I'm going to go REALLY slow, just in case I get yelled at.
I sniffed all of the posts, then went to the all of the corners and left pee-mail.  The back yard is very narrow but it's deep. Mom and Dad have a fairly big  side yard on the other side of the garage with lots of spruce trees, but the garage and big driveway broke up what was one of the bigger lots in this very old neighborhood.

To fence the whole thing in would have meant a very expensive gate and all sorts of spruce needles in my paws which can sometimes hurt.  So they left the side yard open and just fenced in this half.

I did one last zoomie which Mom said was just a big blur on the camera and then it was time to face the music.
I'm checking for hidden cameras, I still think this is a setup and it's going to be a "bad, no treat"kind of thing.
I'm still not sure about this.  I'll just give her my "I smoked but I didn't inhale" face.

Made it in the house and Mom was . . .smiling!?

You mean, I get to do that ALL of the time. Yippee!!!
Dad will make a little patio place here to have chairs to barbecue and enjoy the big spruce trees on the other side of the drive.  
I love my home, and even though the flowers are now gone, I'm glad the side yard is still open so the tree rats stay out of MY yard.


  1. YAY!! Freedom!! It's the best!! OK, do NOT show this to your mom, just in case . . . next time she takes off to do secret stuffs whisper these words in your dad's ear . . . "doggie door"!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. We are right on the edge of a HUGE park system with all kinds of wildlife so Mom says no doggie door. But I get Jan my favorite dog walker in the whole world every day, sometimes twice to take me for a long walk and play with me, when Mom has to go into squirrel headquarters or Dad is traveling (Mom can't walk me with her bad knee as it's bone on bone in there, if I twist her just right). I LOVE my yard now. Abby

  2. OMD, aren't yards grreat?! I love love LOVE being able to go outside and just lay in the sunshine.


  3. Oh Abby you will love having a yard to go in. We have a doggy door but we can only use it when mom & dad are home
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Hari OM
    AAARRRROOOOOOOOO... oh Abby that is like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one big, wonderfurs pressy!!! You lucky, lucky dog... ENJOY!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. That is fantastic! You'll be able to play Dog In and Dog Out now, peeps just love opening the door for us. BOL! Not only functional but good lookin' too. Well done, Dad!

  6. Your fence and your yard look wonderful. stella rose


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