Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sounds Like a Fair Trade

Having an email address open to the public since it's tied to my author blog, I get a LOT of junk mail. Most I just delete as even Abby Lab found them incredulous

Occasionally, I read the more humorous ones.  I never respond.  But this one was just so blatantly BAD, not even trying to be clever to lure me into giving them my bank info or social security number so I can get my foreign lottery winnings or mystery inheritance from the relative I didn't know I had.


Help me bank transfer 2.5 million dollars.  I will give you 30%.


Great!  And I will loan you my talking elephant (fluent in Farsi, English, and Mandarin Chinese).  You can rent him out to parties for entertainment and keep 30%.

I didn't hear back.


  1. I love the ones where he is screwing over his company to give me, a total stranger part of the money. I must try your response.

  2. Hari OM
    LOL... I am blessed with an excellent spam filter, so very rarely have to deal with such nonsense. There was blitz on the blog on Hogmanay, though, so I spent a significant amount of time consistently hitting the spam button (where it hadn't already been caught) and deleting the over 2000 that turned up. Yup. You read that number correctly... My interest in Indonesian Viagra is beneath zero!!! YAM xx

  3. Maybe he was that Prince from the royal family in Nigeria with a big wad of cash to send you if you give him your banking info! LOL! BOL!

    But seriously, there have been a lot of robo-caller scams out there asking for your Medicaid or Medicare number so they can get money from them for medical equipment you didn't buy. I suppose there could be a lot of older people out there who might fall for that.

  4. Heh, heh. If I had a nickel for every offer to increase my manhood, I'd be one wealthy woman! 🤣

  5. That's pretty good. I don't get any of these; Akismet is a great spam filter for my blog.


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