Monday, February 3, 2020

Sunday Smile

Lorelei (with Mr. Moose) waiting for Dad to come in from some yard clean up. She's settled into our household like she's been here forever.


  1. Lorelei you are a most content and peaceful..a family of your own, a sibling and a moose to boot!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Our Phoenix is like that. She was a rescue we gotcha'd in September, but she's well and truly part of the family now. She also has a toy moose, named Moose, to differentiate him from the toy fox, named Mr Fox. She's a whippet/collie, so she doesn't have the soft mouth and the instinct for carrying toys without shaking them hard. I think dogs are good at forgetting the past - either years of pain, or the cross words a beloved person said ten minutes ago.

  3. What a sweet girlie! Chester would have the stuffing and squeaker out of that toy in minutes. But once that's done, though, he loves it and will carry it around proudly, and then hide it in his storage basket.


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