Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Surgery - Not For Those Who Faint at the Sight of Stuffing

Mom:  "Abby - What's that on the floor?"
My stuffie  - it 's been injured
Can you fix him Dad?
I don't want Mr. Moose to have to go to the pile of deaded stuffies in the closet.

Good - the emergency room is open
That's a nasty wound there behind his antler.
Dr. Dad can fix that.
It will just take some thread.
Is he OK Dad?
Please hurry - I want my stuffie back.
Slow. small stitches take FUREVER.
Insurance? - sure - it covers Lab Work and Cat Scans.  What?  Not stuffie surgery?
Are you sure you are licensed to practice stuffie surgery?
Holy Cow Dad - I could have done a triple bypass in the time this has taken
Mom - maybe he needs an assistant.
I'll just stare at you until you are done.

And snoot your arm if you don't pay attention.
What's that?  You found another injury? And in a "delicate place"  ??
Oh Uh.
What do you mean Dad -  "Abby ripped him a new one."  ??
Thanks Dr. Dad, for fixing both injuries. I can't pay you but Mom made you a sandwich.
Mr. Moose is resting comfortably with Mr. Gator in Post Op.


  1. Abby, the Monkeys say that Dr Vic, Stuffed Animal Surgeon, agrees with Dr. Dad that small stitches make for better wound repairs. I know it took some time, but better slow, than poor Mr Moose suffering another prolapse! Monkey2 says you should see the repairs to one of his turtles that Cody ate one time. Poor turtle was eviscerated! But all better now.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh my word Abby - I seriously think this was a case of a stitch(x87) in time (saved 1009)... Good to see Mr Moose getting post op snuggles! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Da wait time at your stuffie ER seems a lot shorter dan mine.

  4. We think your Daddy is pretty darn talented, Abby!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. Oh my. The stuffie surgery sure was in a delicate place. Your dad must be one of those gastroenterologist doctors. Gee, all that waiting fur dad to finish that surgery must have been a real pain in the bottom!

  6. Oh no! You didn't get to take all the stuffing out? I consider that essential surgery that I have to perform personally, since I don't trust anyone else to do it. It's always an emergency too! I have to get the stuffing and the squeaker out immediately or else the patient will die of stuffing poisoning and squeaker-itis! What's that? … oh ghostwriter just said that some doggies have a different professional opinion and think the stuffing and squeaker should be left intact. Excuse me while I look through some back issues of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) I'll get back to you on that. In the meantime I suggest you keep Mr. Moose and Mr. Gator in the ICU! Sincerely Dr. Chester

  7. Oh no!! My meemaw has done surgery on my toys before too! Xxoo maddiethepug

  8. Successful surgicals take time!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. Wows, you are tons lucky Abby!!! Usually mine just gets tossed in the garbage! Okays, okays, so usually they are 'beyond repair'...whatever that means, butts still, sometimes your stuffies just have 'accidents' and you still wants to play with them. I will send you my next I mean, PATIENT! Your Pops does a FABulous job!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma wants to know if she can have one of those sandwiches....

  10. I'm sure Mr. Moose like that "newo one" LOL... it's great that dr. dad works on sunday too,that's a much better ER than the one with George Clowney, right?

  11. I think the vast majority of Choppy's toys could use some surgery these days - some should really be sent to the toy graveyard, for that matter!

  12. That looks like a successful surgery and post op wit a friend makes it even betters.

    That sandwich looks delish.

    Happy Labor Day.......Mommy's girls

  13. We did NOT know your dad could do surgicals! We sure hope the stuffies are out of post op now!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Everyone - Dad did a great job with the surgery and Mr. Moose is as good as new. I've been walked, pushed my food bowl all across the floor in an attempt to get more food out of the empty bowl and barked at someone that left a pizza flyer on our porch.

    Happy Day!

    Abby Lab

  15. Thank you, Abby, for my Tuesday morning smile!! Glad your stuffies are recovering nicely... I have, on occasion, had to surgically remove the 'voice box' on some of Sparky-Bones's 'pets' and replace the batteries.

    Fair Winds, Abby-Lab and as others have said, Every Day should be Labrador Day!!

    Cap'n Jan

  16. Phew!! I'm glad the surgery was a success!

  17. Mum said that when she had a pitbull mix dog that she called Buddy, for just a few months, he chewed ALL the toys he played with, plus some of her shoes!!!! She says that Cody never did that (nor do I). She says that she even got some without actual stuffing, and Buddy chewed that up even quicker. She had to take Buddy to the shelter after the second time he pulled her out of her wheelchair cos he was too strong for her. Mum said that he was a cute dog, but was just too strong and chewed up too many things for her to keep. Poor Buddy


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