Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grandpa's Summer Vacation - Memories During the Snow Days - By Abby the Lab

Bud meets Buddy

Abby the Lab here with a little story of Mom's 94 year old Dad  "Bud" that she's going to write up for me.

Mom's extended family has always had a home somewhere in the mountains, sometimes a full time residence for someone, sometimes, a summer or winter place. This is their favorite, built by Mom's Cousin L, from the remains of a shack she bought with some land. Mom's dad has spent many a holiday there for a long time, but not last year  as his health seriously declined.  He didn't think he would ever see it again as it's such a long trip and Mom's brother always came with him, making that two day drive each way and helping him in and out of the vehicle. But with her brother going to the Rainbow Bridge  to meet up with Barkley a couple of weeks after he journeyed there, her Dad doubted there would be anyone willing to make that long trek, twice in just a few months. Mom is willing, but with the flights back and forth to the West on the long weekends to make sure he is safe and happy, there just aren't enough vacation or leave days to use to do it all by herself.
But Mom and her cousin hatched a plot that involved 48 hours of driving for the round trip, a quick kidnapping (after coordination with the doctors for a pre "snag" check up and extra supplies.)  With the assistance of a strong, dashing man and a little cattle dog, they made it  in two days, with a stop to visit some great grandchildren along the way.
" Hey Bud -  you'll be staying in the summer "Guest Cottage" 
Here's your room, we were just kidding about the guest cottage.
 And the view of the back 40 is pretty nifty.
 Some things don't change, though the round rock collection is growing.
And the hives.
Here's my granddad in his bee hat, babe magnet every time.
He thinks he looked more dapper in his WWII uniform (that's him on the left) but he's happy anyway.
Because our family motto is sweet and clear.  Just Bee Happy!
So much to do over the summer.  Fourth of July!  Somehow I think alcohol was involved in this.
Some time at the lake. Bud let the youngsters play in the water.  He was just happy to sit in the warmth and share a glass a wine with one of his local friends.
 Mom's family doing their best to ensure the store's beer supply stays fresh.
 There's always evenings at the social club.
Or time at the old swimming hole.
 No, we didn't have bacon for breakfast.  Honest.
Mom calls, seeing what we're having for supper.
 The mountain air is invigorating.  Let's go for a walk on this deserted road with our humans.
There's no traffic at all, just some happy dogs.
Bud and cousin L. get to walk each day too, with a little help from C. who is a registered nurse. 
And their squadron of rescue dogs.
After the outdoor time, a little snack is in order.
Someone is always baking up something.
And a little relaxing as evening sets in.
Camera shy Dottie and Girlito the cat.
The summer flies by, quicker than we imagined, leaving on galloping hooves (like Buddy and Taxi the horse)
 Happy 94th Brithday to Bud!  Homemade Cake!
This is Mom's "family"  that shared in my summer and his special day. Only one of them is related by blood, the rest adopted, sharing a last name, or simply their lives, part of each's other's pack, rescuing one another, in so many little ways.

Before long, it would be time to head back, Cousin L. driving Bud north where they would meet Mom, who flew out from Chicago to meet them and take Dad to the Beach for the last of his summer fun. While Dad was gone for the summer, Mom got his whole house cleaned and repainted as it had a lot of smoke damage from a kitchen fire. She has a full time home health aide now so he doesn't have to worry about cooking.   She also put in new appliances for him so he doesn't have to wash dishes by hand any more or bend down to get something from the freezer. Her Dad is welcome to live with us and with L., but he wants to spend the remainder of his days in the house he shared with two wives and two children that he all outlived. Mom, the baby of the family, adopted late in his life, is doing all she can to make that wish come true, while keeping him safe and healthy.
But first, one last trip to the creek.
I just know there's a salmon in here somewhere.  I saw a bear do this once.
Good dogs - good memories - good times.

Abby the Lab


  1. What a beautiful story! Way to go Dad. You keep on rocking in your beautiful piece of land.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. The story is as beautiful as the Pictures. WOW

  3. OMD, that was FABulous!!!! Ma said she wants you to adopt her, so she can stay the summer with you guys...I agree!!!! That looks just amazin'! I felt like I was there with you.
    Oh, and your GPa DOES look mighty dapper in his uniform!!!
    Oh, and I am sure margaritas were involved somewheres...☺
    Ruby ♥

  4. Wow! That was great to see all those photos. What a beautiful place. It reminded Mom of summer vacation, which was always in a forest with hills, trails, and dirt roads. A great place for doggies too!


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