Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Search Dog Foundation and a Shameless Plug for my Mom

Mom had a busy year. It started sad as Barkley the Lab went to the Rainbow Bridge, with her only brother following, leaving her the primary care-provider to her 94 year old Dad.  With a new husband and a hundred year old house, two grandkids, dog hair and adopting me, it was busy. (Did I mention Mom likes coffee? Actually do any of you remember that Saturday Night Live skit where the guy replaces the blood in the hospital patients' bag with Folgers Crystals? Yah, that's Mom),

Oh, and she puts this shiny gold thing in her black bag and goes to work 4-5 days a week, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Whew!  No wonder she likes wine, chocolate and dog kisses on an evening she doesn't have a stack of laundry!

Anyway. Somewhere in there - she wrote a book.  It's a book about a dog, but it's really a book about growing up, finding her way back to faith and family and an unexpected love story, of both the two and four legged kind. She worked hard to get it done so her Dad could read it before he too, was gone and he did.  He cried and patted me and gave her a big hug.
The Book of Barkley was just nominated as a finalist in the Bookbzz Prizewriters Competition in the biography memoir  class.  The winner gets their book mentioned on TV on international book day and a cash prize.

Mom said if she wins--- the cash prize is going to Search Dog Foundation   Click on their link to see all the wonderful things they do to help both animals and humans.

Please vote for Mom's book and for a good cause.  Consider picking one up if you haven't-- for even if you don't vote, all of the monies from the book sale go to animal rescue/welfare/education.

The link to vote is below (just click or go to and you can just vote once between now and Feb. 28th.  Thanks so much for voting and sharing this for your friends that may like to vote.

Abby Lab


  1. We are so sorry... we TRIED to vote but it wanted things that we are Not comfortable agreeing to.

  2. That sounds like a lot of work! My ghostwriter does some writing too, besides The Daily Bone. We'll have to check out the book for sure!

    Oh, did Ruby contact you yet? Joey was wondering if Abby would like to go to the Heart-to-Heart party with him. He is a dignified older gentledog who is quite polite, except when it comes to squirrels.

  3. Done! Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Frankie Furter and Ernie - yes it wants to link twitter or gmail or facebook. I'm totally fine with you not voting then, but appreciate those that do! Thanks for trying!!

    C.L.W. STEP: Yes, Ruby sent a note and Abby would LOVE to go to the Heart to Heart with Joey. She'd also happily chase squirrels with him. Thanks for asking.

    M.K. Clinton - I appreciate it! There's some good books in there, I was just happy to be nominated.


  5. Wow, Abby is in demand we heard from someone else who was interested. I better let him know she is off the market!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. What a tough, tough year. I am heading over to vote for your mom's book!

  7. KB Bear - thank you for the vote for Mom. Promoting the book and helping the animals with it has made her smile again, as has Dad (he's the best Dad ever) and gives me lots of cuddles when she is working late.

    Abby the Lab

  8. I voted,I totally like the idea of your mom to support this wonderful peeps&pets who risk their life to save ours.
    Easy Rider

  9. Mark - thank you. I've worked alongside those dogs. They are looking for one group of people and I'm looking for another. It's a hard task - hope and closure there in a moment.


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