Tuesday, July 18, 2017

And the Nominations Are . . . .

Abby T. Lab here.  Mom and I had the honor of being nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award" yesterday by

The award calls for me listing 7 things you may not know about me.

1. I am not a  purebred Lab but was a Lab "Mix" from a high kill shelter.  Although from a distance I look like I am up close you can see my fur is much longer and softer, my tail is bushier and my undercoat is a deep red.  Mom thinks I'm part flat coated Retriever.

2  I won't get on the bed unless Dad is away overnight, even if invited.  The couch and the futon, however,  are MINE!

3.  Vanilla yogurt in the evening is my favorite thing in the world.

4.  My trained hearing can detect the footstep of our mailman versus the UPS driver.  If it is the mailman, I'll whine to let Mom know he is there, for the UPS driver I will bark as if I'm going to tear him to shreds.

5.When the Chewy Box arrives in the mail, I will lay next to it until Mom opens it, even if that takes WEEKS and WEEKS (OK, a couple of hours).

6.  After Mom and Dad, my favoritist person in the whole world is my dog walker Jan.

7.  Don't tell anyone, but I like going to the groomer that doesn't put us in cages and lets us finish drying in a cozy back room on soft rugs.
Is my yogurt ready Mom?

Another requirement for the award is listing 15 new blogs to share the award with. Most blog awards list 5-10, and to be honest, I don't have time today for 15 and you likely don't time to READ 15.  As Lexi said - be a rebel but share the fun!

So here are ten blogs I enjoy that you may not have seen, all worthy of the One Lovely Blog Award. I you are nominated feel free to nominate others, or just enjoy some visits from new friends.  If you do decide to join, list your 7 facts, nominate some bloggers others may not know about, and share the rules and the fun.

Choppy is a far traveling rescue dog who with his lawyer mom, Dad, and feline sidekick provides lots of adventures and laughs. His regular "signs" are worth the visit aline.

Life at Golden Pines is a lovely country home full of fosters and hospice care senior dogs that otherwise would have no place to go. A home full of love is always good.

Oreo lives just north of us, and though we've not met, we feel like family after reading of his adventures and those of his friends that live in his lovely old neighborhood.

Astro is an adorable Pit Bull/Cattle Dog rescue who lives in a beautiful new home out in Washington with his kind and patient pawrents.  He'll steal both your seat cushions and your heart.

Ruby isn't jsut the driver of Blogville's famous Margarita truck, she is a delightfully joyous friend to many of us here and a regular part of Blogville's community.

Princess Leia is a beautiful little King Charles Spaniel who lives a life of joy and elegance in England. If you have attended any of the Blogville events you've likely met this gentle soul.

Lady Shasta's companion and friend Shilo had to go to the Bridge not long ago but she and her Mom Kim continue to find the joy in everyday life and share it with others.

We didn't' think anyone could fill Easy's paws when he left this world but new addition Phenny has brought nothing but laughter and joy to us from their home in France.

Quilting, birds, dogs, and life, what's not to love!

BIG dog, not so big dog, Mom, Dad, five kids and the beautiful landscape of Australia. Adventure abounds.


  1. Oh well done winning the award Abby...Mmmm, vanilla yogurt, I'm definitely wiv you on that one
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Congrats Abby! I luvs yogurt too.

  3. Congratultions on the award and thank you for letting us know some of your secrets

  4. Hi Abby! Thanks for nominating us for this award. We always love learning more about our friends with these posts.

  5. Thank you for the nomination - I am so far behind on awards, I don't think I'm ever getting caught up!

    Choppy doesn't know it, but a blogging friend gave me a recipe for some yogurt ice cream treats. I think she's going to be pleasantly surprised by those this weekend!

  6. You had me at Vanilla yogurt!! Congrats Abby!!
    Jakey & Arty

  7. Congrats on the award, Abby, and great job fulfilling the rules. We love vanilla yogurt too.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. congrats on the award! fun to learn more about you
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. OMD, YOGURT??!!! You gets it every night?! Oh man! I am totally in the wrong house!
    THANK BUNCHES for the Nomination!!! OMD, that is so sweet gurl! I will send a pitcher of margaritas your way as a big slobbery Thank You! (um..no slobbers IN it..promise...)
    Ruby ♥

  10. oh congrats!!! and thanks for nominating me ;o) I agree with you vanilla yogurt is a fabulous bedtime-snack... I will write it on the shopping list... the mama bought only some yars with raspberries... and they were so darned awful that I not even begged yesterday...

  11. Interesting concept...lay next to the chewy box till she opens it! Nice

  12. Congrats on the cool award! We loved learning more about you!


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