Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Greetings from Chiberia - Part 2

More snow last night. Woke to a balmy 7 degrees (quick, get the swimsuits and flip flops it's not minus 10) but as I work from home today, time for some photos while taking the critters their food and water. Those of you in warmer climates probably don't think of seven degrees as "balmy" but here in Chiberia, we normally don't start complaining until it's minus 15  with a minus 40 wind chill factor and we can't start "da car" because we forgot to plug in the engine block heater.

Thankfully, my husband already dug us out after Abby got her morning walk. Yes, that driveway is as long as it looks, I know from shoveling it about 3 times by hand when he was in the UK. On the plus side that means our back bedroom is far away from the street which makes for some good quiet winter snoozing.

We got about 5-6 inches total, not too bad, and the sky is clear and sunny.
I have to go get my hair cut after work, but I'll dig the truck out at lunch.
The Evergreen "condo" where Mr. Bun and several birds live.  We were going to cut it down but it provides needed shelter inside the fence away from larger predators.
The animals have been out and about - many tracks to and from where we put the seed and peanuts.
  Even with the cold it's very beautiful out.

 Even the stark beauty of the winter purple coneflower.

New Hemlock planted 3 years ago, as we've lost one of the big spruces, and will likely lose another in our lifetime. They're a hundred years old so we've added about 5 new evergreen trees that are 3-5 years old now.
 Lots of little squirrel tracks out even as early as it is.
 The side yard is full of critters on the move.
The zip line is for If I'm alone and it's minus 20 type weather, I can put Abby on it at night.  That keeps her close to the fence where I can see her, rather than her trying to sniff out critters in the bushes around the unlit other side of the house where she might encounter a skunk or opossum.

"Yo Mom, now that you're all warm again, I need to go outside to play in the snow!"


  1. We thought you were going to say you like extreme winter sports and zipline to the far end of the yard when it gets really cold!

  2. Ok, I will get my momma to stop complainin bout it bein in da 30s today.

  3. Snow is always pretty when it first falls. After that is looks like a hobo peed on it.

  4. Those snow coneflowers are so pretty:) You should post them on Flower Friday.

    We are missing the big snow again tonight but we will be grateful for the couple of inches we do have.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Bbbbrrrr and beautiful!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  6. I hear ya... we got snow too... and it is cold and we ran out of vodka... a disaster...

  7. It's a beautiful winter landscape. No snow for us but I'm keeping my paws crossed we get some soon, otherwise we too will be replacing trees. 😕

  8. We are getting a steady snow this morning. Lots of birdies are filling up at the feeders. We're just going to stay home and watch it all.

  9. We keep saying it but our winter has been so strange. low 50's in February is weird, especially when other places have snow and cold
    Hazel & Mabel


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