Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chapter 36 - Branch Manager - The Photos

Are you awake??

With the AutoCAT software, I didn't need a alarm, and was up to first light, the smell of coffee wafting down the hall

Chapter 36 in the Book of Barkley deals with a particular trip out to friends in the country.  You'll have to get the book to read the whole thing, but here are some highlights of that tripwith Barkley, with friends that had some acreage up north.  I loved the times there, sleeping on a huge high top bed with old fashioned quilts in the guest room.  Barkley always had such fun there, and here are the photos of that particular trip and the mayhem that ensued. The day started with some Amish Bacon and Chocolate Brontosaurus pancakes.
 It looks like Dogosaurus wants some bacon.
The afternoon brought sun, and a chance to go hike around their land with Barkley in tow.
One of my friends had Barkley on his lead as we headed back deep into the property  Barkley had been cooped up while I worked some long hours that week and  he was chomping at the bit.  He was also still sulking a bit from the grooming and nail clipping before we left Indy ("I smell like a french poodle AND they put a scarf on me").  So, when we were well back of the house and road Mr. B. said "it won't hurt to let him off the leash?"

I said "no!"

He was off like a shot.
To the only deep mud puddle around.
Even with the zoom lens, the remaining photos were a blur of splashing water and muddy dog.

Oh wait!  There's more!!
 Barkley spotted the pond.  We weren't going to let him over there as it was the neighbor's but. . But at least it will help get him cleaned off.
 He had a grand time splashing around.

Then it was time to fetch the stick.  The BIG stick.

Mr. B. throws, and he's off.

 Big Stick!!  Mine!!

After some more "fetch" it was back to the house to hose off Mr. Barkley.  Barkley does NOT like hoses, sprinklers or cold water from either and will forcibly try and get away from either.  He was also very muddy.  Mr. B. is quite strong and very determined. The cats watch and wager over who will end up more soaked..

Socks   - I'm wagering $2 on Mr. B.
Goldie - I'm betting on our black brother.
Everyone clean and sort of dried off, it was time for a little afternoon refreshment.

Barkley, it's not going to work, I've seen those sad eyes before when I had the Yuengling out, besides you've had all the excitement you need for one day.


  1. Hehehe...I remember those pics of a Muddy Barkley!

    You'll be happy to know that Indy bought a Clue at the store today, and learned to run beside the bike, instead of trying to forcibly drag it sideways with me on it! Lots more work to do with him, but it is a positive start.

  2. I do remember that day.

    I think he won. We both came out of it soaked.

    I miss him.


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