Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I worked at headquarters on Monday for a meeting.  Abby's pet walker took her out for her last walk at 12:30 or so, and I was home by 3:30 as I started very early that particular day.

Usually, she's patiently waiting by the back door.

Monday - no Abby.  I called out to her and I hear her toenails clicking on the floor but she doesn't greet me.

I saw why.  The entire contents of a bag of fun sized M and M's was on the floor, mostly uneaten but drooled and spread everyone. It appears she didn't so much EAT the M and M's but licked off the hard candy shell leaving a very chocolatey mess on the floor.

I weighed what was left. I knew the weight of the original bag (plus an extra little zip lock of leftover SweetTarts).  I figured she had not consumed more than 2 ounces total of the milk chocolate, just delighting in ripping apart about half of the wrappers and spreading them across three rooms.

Off to the vet. The little milk chocolate she ate was not enough to be a worry, but the sugar from the other candy's might give her an upset tummy. (I had a vision of sweet Tarts and a black lab's digestive track being like that Diet Coke and Mentos experiment). She was fine, and given her weight didn't have any further issues.

I still couldn't figure out how she had done it. Yes, the cupboard door was left ajar, but it was one with the drawers that slide out and they were stowed and the candy was way in the BACK, behind several bowls. She must have worked her paw through there or snooted the bowls to one side (and there's very little headroom clearance) and then slowly dragged out the candy out by snagging it with a nail.
Not these drawers - the ones on the right-hand side, behind the sink, even harder to get to.

When my husband got home I showed him the mess I'd dumped in the sink while I scrubbed floors and he went over to Abby with a "Abby?" and a disapproving look.

 She couldn't' look him in the eye, it was rather comical.

But she didn't get a treat before bed and she KNEW she was in the doghouse.

I own Houdini dog.  Just lock a treat inside of a closed box, wrap it in chains and dunk it in a giant tank of water.

Today she was well behaved so she got a little reward from the bargain bin at the drugstore on the way home today.

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle~!

The shell is the best part!


  1. Mom is just loving the look of your kitchen:)

    We are so glad that Abby is just fine. One time for a Christmas exchange Mom sent some dog treats for the dog and some fudge for the humans. One of the dogs devoured a ton of the fudge because the human left the package still wrapped under the tree. Luckily the dog was OK, but it was pretty scary.

    That Ninja turtle looks like a lot of fun.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

    1. The stove is from the 40's as is the farmhouse sink which my husband found at an auction. The overhead light fixture was replaced with an antique one from the 40's and the new antique sink was moved from in the middle of the only counter to an empty wall that had a long window (which was replaced by high and smaller stained glass window) and then I told my husband - "the cupboards are going to be custom made - I'll write the check", which he happily agreed with given all the electric and plumbing he had to do as well as build a whole new subfloor. You can't see it but there's space on the top of the cupboards for my Mom's Swedish decorate pieces.

  2. OH ABBY... I am SO PROUD of your finding a way to SNAG some SNACK. WHEW that was HARD WORK. You did a GRRRREAT JOB... and not only THAT... you were SMART enough to
    NOT eat the CHOCOLATE Pawt...

    OMD OMD your Dad give you "THE (LOOK)" ??? OMD now I am SCARED of him all over again. WHINE Whimper WHIMPER.

  3. Momma says she had a basset steal a ton of chocolate cake when she was growin up - he wuz fine but the cake wuz ruined.

    1. I can almost picture that. Barkley once ate an entire pizza in the time it took me to visit the bathroom.

  4. I'm glad Abby is okay! So that's why my peeps always tell me that chocolate isn't good for me! Well, maybe I should sneak some if it means I get a new squeaky toy the next day, BOL

    1. You best steer clear - chocolate is especially dangerous for little dogs.

  5. Oh Abby! We are glad you didn't get sick from your candy eating.
    It made Lady miss candy. M and M's use to be her favourite, but she can't eat soy, and the milk chocolate has soy. Sigh!

    1. Madre Chocolate This is fantastic and flavorful chocolate made in Hawaii and made from Hawaiian cacao beans. Their chocolate is soy-free and they make several amazing flavors, including their popular Passionfruit bar. - here are some blog articles on it : and Their website is:

    2. For a milk chocolate: Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar made for Indigo Books & Music (Toronto, Canada) and sold in Chapters/Indigo stores across Canada. This is 1 kilogram of quality milk chocolate and advertised as containing no soy lecithin. Made in Germany.

  6. BOL Abby girl, you are a sweet mess.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Happy that everything ended well. Sounds to me like "someone" has been talking to a certain Murphy and Belle. Better check the phone records, too!

  8. OMD, Abby, you're a Houdini like me! I can get at ANYTHING -- I just choose not to most of the time now that I'm a well-behaved older gentledog.

  9. Wow Abby! We admire your skills but you better snatch something like bacon instead! glad you are OK!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Mom is over here having a heart attack at the thought of walking in on that. We're so happy that Abby is okay. One time, I ate chocolate that Macy knocked on the floor and Mom wasn't home so Dad had to give me peroxide to induce barf-inating. Blech! *ear licks*

  11. Never underestimate the power of a doggie on the trail of yum yums. In our house, chocolate is kept on the top of the highest cabinet locked in ghostwriter and Dad's bedroom. Joey dog once snagged a big piece of some dark designer chocolate and had to take two doses of hydrogen peroxide before he barfed it up. No one wants to repeat that episode. So glad Abby is OK.

    Take it easy on Michelangelo there. Ghostwriter, Dad, and the four siblings were big fans back when they all took karate lessons! Yo, and we got the joke about the shell.... BOL!

  12. Hahah my late husbands bullmastiff ate a roast right off the counter once.
    I just walked away to see what he wanted to drink and heard the crash.
    Live and learn. Glad Abby is ok and no tummy ache.

    Linda and Astro

  13. Glad the vet had no bad news... maybe Abby wanted to see if the "melts in your mouth, not in your hand" slogan is true?

  14. This is the second blog I have read about a dog getting in to chocolate today. I am glad to read in both instances they are okay. If the worse thing they can get is a upset tummy. I can live with that. That was smart finding a toy the dog can have. I am sure she loved it more than the candy.


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