Friday, January 20, 2017

Well I WASN'T Expecting a Package?

Either my husband has a big automotive project planned  on the suddenly noisy Escape this weekend

or Abby ordered a poodle.


  1. If it isn't constantly moving, it must be a car part. Ember is present and accounted for, so she didn't mail herself to visit Abby.

  2. Ummmmmm Abby? You wouldn't have ordered a NEW FELLA would you? Whine Whimper Whine

    Maybe it is an ALLIGATOR that got delivered to the wrong place. ORrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Could it pawsibly be the World's Biggest STUFFIE??? THAT would be good.

    1. I could never replace you dear Frankie. Dad said it's a surprise from Area 51, either that or a potato gun with a suppressor that he's going to put under the Ford Escape tomorrow so it doesn't make those loud pharty noises any more.


  3. That is a very interesting package. Hmmmm, we think poodle.

  4. I never knew mummies, oops, I mean mufflers came wrapped up in pretty colors like that!


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