Wednesday, January 11, 2017

To Frankie Furter: A Response

Yes, it's true, I'm the new Blogville CHEF after being recruited by City Manager Christmas from
Of course, I'm still in the Blogville Pawlice Force so that does NOT make me the Police CHEF, as that would get confusing with the Pawlice CHIEF, but I think I can manage both tasks as long as I have a friend to watch the catering vehicle if I'm on patrol after making the foodables. It's going to be tough to fill Chef Angel Sasha's paws but I will try and make her and Blogville proud (and not hungry).
We miss you Angel Sasha!

 And as to your question about the Valentine's Dance. . .
I picked the heart that says "Yes!" (Ok, and maybe I picked another heart too but I'll tell you which one at the dance).


  1. OMG>>>>
    Does this mean every time I am hungry I show up at your house and
    you will fix me pancakes? Oh and Bacon cheese burgers?

    All kidding aside you will make a great chef for blogville.
    I'll be a taste tester if you need one.


    1. You are more than welcome to be a official "taster" Mom and I love to cook.

  2. We are soooooo very happy to welcome you as Blogville's Official Chef and Caterer, Abby!!! You have some big paws to fill after Angel Sasha, but we know you are going to do a wonderful job!! Make sure to stop by our blog tomorrow and pick up your official badge :-).

    We bet Frankie is doing backflips of glee at your answer!!
    Mayor Arty (Jakey, Dory and Bilbo too!)

    1. I will stop in tomorrow when Mom gets off work and fires up the 'puter. We want to make angel Sasha proud!

  3. Abby, you are gonna make one PAWSOME BLOGVILLE CHEF! I am dreamin' of your bacon and cheese pancakes right did make those right?? It's pawsible I was just dreamin'.....
    Oh, and if you needs me to bring the margarita truck to serve drinkies, just lets me know! Angel Sasha and I teamed up lots!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I just knew you and Frankie would be a FABulous match....☺

  4. Oh yum, yum….I finks you will be paw some in your new role. Cant wait to try out some tasty foodables
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. OMD OMD O M D it wasn't JUST a Blogville RUMOR, Abby. It was TRUE... YOU are gonna be Blogville's CHIEF CHEF... OMD OMD I do LOVE to Eat.. and I already KNOW that YOU are a FANGtastical COOKER. OMD OMD I don't know WHICH THINGY is more Exciting... You saying YES you WILL go to the ♥ day Dance with me... or that you will be OUR CHEF?
    OMD OMD this is GRAND... I am So PROUD of YOU fur becoming the Blogville CHEF... and following in our Beloved ANGEL Sasha's Paw Steps... and OMD am I ever HAPPY that you will be MY DATE fur the K-Oss Dance. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS.

  6. Blogville is proud to have you in the cabinet!

  7. This is some pretty exciting news! We will really look forward to the debut of your new food truck at the Valentines K-oss Pawty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. We want to be there with Astro too - your Mom always posts the best recipes. So we are sure you will be a great Blogville Chef. And Angel Sasha will be so very proud of you. We so miss her too.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. Oh, you're the pawfect choice fur Chef! If anyone can fill Angel Sasha's paws, it's you.

  10. We know you will be a great chef!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. I think you'll be a great chef! There's always something yummy going on at your house. Good luck!

  12. Congratulations. We have been reading your mummy's blog and love the receipes. We are sure you will be a wonderful blogville chef.

  13. please use some of your mommas recipes... then all bowls will be empty soon and there will be not one morsel on the floor :o)


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