Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CILRA Lab Rescue and Adoption

Abby Lab here - one of Mom's good rescue friends from where she lived before marrying Dad has continued the friendship and they often catch up on doggy antics and what's going on with the Lab Rescue Group Suzie is involved with - CILRA  - Central Indiana Lab Rescue and Adoption.  Their website is www.cilra.org.

The next two weeks they are having a fundraiser with some custom printed shirts, nightwear and totes with the money going to help the rescues.  Mom is SO ordering one of those and I can see my friend

with one of the Bright Pink "Dogs- Because People Suck" tote bags!

Check out the link to see all that they have. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to CILRA.


  1. Now we have to agree that is the pawfect saying! We hope they do well in the fundraising!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. THAT is a PAWFECT thingy fur the thingys to have on them. We think this is a SUPER thingy. BRAVO and GOOD LUCK... to them. SAVE those LABS.

  3. oooh thanks for sharing the information... that could be the slogan for my momma LOL


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