Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Angel Lexi's friend Noodle's Family Needs our Help - with Thursday Update

Amy S., Angel Lexi's Mom has a

has a  GoFundMe

up for Jameson the cat, sibling to Noodle at

Noodle and Lexi were a regular couple at our Blogville events, and after losing Lexi, having another possible loss is really hard on Noodle and his family.

Jamison was attacked and critically injured by a family member's dog staying with them that had shown over time NO previous signs of the prey drive sometimes found in its breed. So the attack was unexpected and deeply upsetting for all involved.

Jamison, with prompt emergency care, looks like he will recover but the family has incurred close to $3000 in vet bills.  As a young family, they are willing to shoulder that debt to help their beloved family member but if you can spare a few dollars, I know they would deeply appreciate it.

Lexi's Mom has their address if you'd prefer to send money direct to not pay the 5% GoFundMe Fee. That's what several of us have done; every dollar helps. Just leave her a note in a comment and she will send it to you.

Prayers will continue and thanks to all of you in Blogville that gather around one of us when we need it. The prayer is appreciated by Jamison's family as much as any financial support.

UPDATE:  Jamison had a set back today and will need further surgery with a difficult healing process.  Your prayers are appreciated more than you know.


  1. Done! I was tryin' to find the donation page! Thanks!
    Ruby ♥

  2. We have been following this . Poor Jamison... butt the GOOD NEWS is that he has started PURRRRRRRing again. THAT is a GRRRREAT sign.
    Pee S... ABBY... MY MOM made a Double Batch of CORNMEAL MUSH... it is now in the LOAF PANS... Cooling and SETTING... so she can Cut it and FRY it fur OUR (hopefully) SUPPER... along with Bacon and Eggs... Can't WAIT to give it a try... THANKS.

  3. Thank you for putting this up. <3

  4. Astro's Mom - I sent you their address, but did not post here. Check your email.

  5. we used the donation button and we hope that a big part of the vet bills can be covered... and we hope hope hope that the surgery goes well .... I'm still so sad that Noodles furmily had such sad holidays... that's not fair... they are such fabulous people who deserve only good things...

  6. He has been fighting really hard so we hope these purrs mean he is feeling better! Thanks for the shout out!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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