Friday, September 29, 2023

Great Gifts - Real Irish

When Christmas here before you know it I've started my gift shopping early.  In looking for a wallet for my husband I found a wonderful store in Ann Arbor Michigan that sells clothing, jewelry, and gifts from Ireland (as well as some lovely finds from Scotland and Wales).  I found the wallet, but in doing so ALSO found some Harris Tweed items.  I'd been wanting one of the purses for the longest time but didn't want to wait weeks to get one from overseas. 

The bag arrived just days after I ordered it online - and I was so pleased with it, after using it I bought a second one! They're top quality, with a detachable shoulder strap if you prefer and several regular pockets and zippered pockets inside for your essentials.  

The best part was the customer service.  The hand woven Harris Tweed fabric I selected on one bag was out of stock and Stuart the owner of Real Irish called me directly to see if there was another I'd like substituted.  Not too many online stores go to that extra effort (though he got one in a couple days later so I got my first choice). 

The order also included some wonderful samples of Irish Fragrance.  The unisex fragrance Inis has always been a favorite since my last trip on business to Dublin.  

For quick and online shopping for gifts - the experience could not be beat (now back to the sweater selection. . . .  :-)

Their  travel website has all our tour information for tours.

Their next tour is a 12 day southern Ireland tour, May 16-29, 2024. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


The photo above is from a trip for a speaking engagement in Dublin that resulted in a weekend side trip to Northern Ireland to play tourist for two days on my own dime before flying back stateside.  After a LONG time between villages and way too much coffee there in middle of nowhere nature called so I found a very  isolated spot (which was pretty much a description of my whole "direct to Portrush" route) and got out of the vehicle to well, you know . . .

I suddenly had an audience.  A minute later, as I got my pants up, a farmer appeared off in the distance, chuckling merrily, with feed for the sheep.  Apparently, I showed up right when they were normally fed, and he was gracious when he spotted the rental car and redhead sprinting for the tall grass and gave me some privacy while I finished up.
Watcha doing?


Thursday, September 21, 2023

On Memories

Barkley lies on my dresser so I can say goodbye to him when I leave the house. I put his all-time favorite toy on top of the box.  Mr. Squeaky was an infuriatingly loud toy but Barkley carried it everywhere. His doggie day camp had a purple one and they had a cam in the yard so we could see the dogs at play on their website and he ALWAYS had that toy so I found him one after searching about 87 different pet stores in Indiana.

So when I found this photo of him, I just had to place it here so he can keep an eye on Mr. Squeaky.