Tuesday, September 26, 2023


The photo above is from a trip for a speaking engagement in Dublin that resulted in a weekend side trip to Northern Ireland to play tourist for two days on my own dime before flying back stateside.  After a LONG time between villages and way too much coffee there in middle of nowhere nature called so I found a very  isolated spot (which was pretty much a description of my whole "direct to Portrush" route) and got out of the vehicle to well, you know . . .

I suddenly had an audience.  A minute later, as I got my pants up, a farmer appeared off in the distance, chuckling merrily, with feed for the sheep.  Apparently, I showed up right when they were normally fed, and he was gracious when he spotted the rental car and redhead sprinting for the tall grass and gave me some privacy while I finished up.
Watcha doing?


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  1. Yipes! What a surprise! I saw a herd of sheep today when I drove past a l Iocal farm. But they were a long way from the road so I didn't get to meet any of them personally like you did. LOL!


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