Sunday, January 29, 2017


Abby Lab would never be mistaken for the Roadrunner.  She is not in a hurry to get ANYWHERE. When the fence was first put in the back yard her zoomie was more like a gentle gallop on Ambien. If it's wet out, she walks as if she has gum stuck to the bottom of her paws.

Even if you yell "treat" you at best get a speed that best could be called "power walk", NOT a run.
"I know you've got a treat - but I'm racing this caterpillar up the stairs."

I've tried everything (don't laugh, this is an actual product for sale in Australia).  Bribes, yelling, but if she doesn't want to hurry into the house just because the sky is about to drop a ton of rain on her, she's NOT hurrying in.

She's a senior but she's not THAT old and she has no arthritis - she just likes to take her time.
"The sun is in my eyes - so I stopped!"

Except for last night - I let her out before dinner.  She immediately sniffed something at the base of the stairs, then followed the scent around the side of the house where there is some shrubbery and where I can't see her.
A moment later a rabbit comes STREAKING across the lawn coming from her direction, diving between the fence slats to safety with Abby in hot pursuit.  Abby does NOT fast enough to have actually caught the rabbit but I laughed aloud to see her actually RUN. She then ran around the side of the house just to see if there were another one, before coming inside
"MA - I'm worn out!  Would you make me a cheese sammich?"


  1. She has Abby speed. Our angel Gemini disliked agility. We put her in it and she would do it, but so slow everyone laughed and called it Gemi speed!

    1. Yes, I so get this. Abby is very"deliberate" in everything she does.

  2. The Power of the Bunny!!! Lightning can run as fast as a rabbit and maybe faster. And Misty can't wait to get back to work on her zoomies after her tummy incision check tomorrow!!!

    Abby knows how to take life easy - no stress, no hurry.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

    1. My Samoyed Shamu that I had after college was lightning quick!.

  3. ABBY Darling... you chased a Rabbit at WARP SPEED???? BRAVO to you My Dearest. THAT is Fabulous... See this thingy reminds me of the old story about the little PEEP who had NEVER spoken a word in all of his 7 years... UNTIL one night at Supper... when he announced... This Meat needs Salt. The Stunned Adults couldn't believe he Spoke and when they asked him why he had Never Spoken BEFORE...
    So in YOUR Case, Miss Abby T. Lab... Up until NOW... there had never been a Rabbit.

    1. I almost caught the wabbit sweet Frankie. Then I came inside and ate dinner, got my yogurt treat (my favorite after dinner thing), chomped on the crunchy rabbit you gave me a few times then fell asleep with it as my pillow.


  4. Run Abby Run! OK, we hope you got that sammich!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley who would have caught the rabbit BOL!

  5. Yay, Abby!!!! Rabbits really get our labs going too!

  6. WABBITS!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! We don't gots those here! Butts the tree rats do the same thingie to me gurl! okays, so I"m always 'trotting' everywheres...I thinks it's just the terrier in me....or the cookies...
    Ruby ♥

  7. I'm with you Abby. I store my energy for bunny, squirrel or birdy chases!!

  8. I never stop runnin. Momma says I are nutso.

  9. Us mini Dachshunds are bred to chase and kill rabbits, so I don't think that rabbit would be happy if I was there!

  10. Mmmmm.... a cheese sammich!!!!!!!
    We're all about the zoomies around here! And cheese!

  11. BOL you speak my language Abby. I like to take my time too unless it involves a squirrel or sometimes Tilda ;)

    Matt (& Matilda)

  12. OMG Abby you crack me up sometimes.
    Our Cinnamon was slow as molasses too.
    Astro is like a bullet train in high speed.
    Sometimes I think he could take down a block wall with his head.
    But yeah cheese is good all the time.
    xo Astro

  13. therefore they used a rabbit as the energizer bunny... at least one commercial what is no fake... bunnies give power and energy :o)

  14. You get that rabbit Abby! Angel Miss Ginger loved to chase rabbits, even when she was old and blind.


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