Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life Literally Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever

Mom was kinda sad  because some peeps left a not good review up for her Meme-War about growing up and then finding Barkley --complaining that the writer talked about herself (dear dictionary - please look up Meme-War) and someone complained it wasn't stories of life from the dog's actual viewpoint.

So for those readers.  I just wrote a book that will blow Mom's out of the water.

Saturday - Through Abby's Eyes.
Bowl. . . . is empty.


Squirrel squirrel squirrel Squirrel squirrel squirrel Squirrel squirrel squirrel Squirrel squirrel squirrel 

havta potty

bowl still empty

The Bark-o-lounger is empty  - no humans on watch.


Recline. . . . . . . . . 


Blah Blah Blah Abby Blah Blah Blah Abby Blah Blah Blah Abby. .

pats, yeah pats, love love love love


moo moo moo moo moo mo  moo moo moo moo moo moo moo




walk walk walk walk

leave pee-mail for neighbor dog---

and small parcel for the squirrel


slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp

dribble on floor.

Blah Blah Abby

Toy smells like feet. Must Hide - valuable.

scratch my butt scratch my butt - right there  love love love love mom mom mom


The End

Someone call my literary agent!!! I'm going to be a best seller!


  1. We found the plot riveting. Will Abby get food? Will she play with a toy? And, what will she do with that slipper? The possibilities are endless! Tell your mom not to worry because as we are sure she knows, reading a book is like listening to a sermon. The reader (or congregant) brings a lot to the story with not just their expectations but with their personal perspective and their life experiences up to this point. Don't worry about it too much. We'd suggest looking at the comments and see if they have anything constructive to offer. If they do, learn from it, and if they don't then forget about it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Abby you forgot to put a coffee/keyboard alert on that post! You now owe me a new keyboard!

  3. You sure did make me laugh!!!!!! Reviewers can be so short-sighted. If your mom likes it, that's what matters!

  4. Murphy and Stanley's comments are also mine mine. I went and looked at the reviews, of course, and see that they are just a misunderstanding of what this glorious book is about...

    It is about Barkley, and those parts of your life that lead up to sharing your life with him, the way you see it now in reflection, the way all future memories will be affected by the Love of Barkley.

    I look at my Sparky-Bones now, aging quickly, as they do. Sometimes it sends me spinning off into recollections from my past, fields in which he never ran, but are still colored with his being here now. He is always with me, a part of my now. He is always there in all times.

    But you know that. They folks don't.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,

    Cap'n Jan

  5. Is there somewhere we can pre-order our copy? Does it cost extra to get your pawtograph?

    As for those nasty comments, tell your mom to do what we do and "shake it off". There is no pleasing everybuddy.

    BIG licks,
    Wally & Sammy

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  9. Murphy - Abby is already working on book two--he Book of Treats

    KB Bear - everyone said don't sent it to Kirkus Reviews they HATE Indie authors and their last review of a "dog book" was scathing. The Book of Barkley ended up on the front page of their online magazine. That helps take the sting out of reviews by people that didn't bother to read the description. But thanks. If you'd like a copy, drop me your address in a "DO NOT POST" comment --I don't expect the folks in Blogville to have to buy one. You are my friends.

    Og - true - sorry I missed your daughter's match but the bathroom plumbing is now working!

    Jennifer - hugs

    Cap'n Jan - you get it, everyone here gets it. There are always going to be those souls looking inward too hard to see anything outside themselves.

    Wallace Wright-Parkin - so far Abby's publisher hasn't called back - but she's happy to have written it.

    Hugs to you all
    Abby's Mom

  10. Ha ha ha, Abby, your book is brilliant. You should be on standby for a call from the Pulitzer committee. Have you sold the film rights?

    Tell your Mom not to worry about the bad review. Often, reviews say more about the reviewer than they do about the book. In this case, sounds like this reviewer didn't understand what he/she was reading.


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