Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue Buffalo Adventures

Hi folks.  Abby the Lab here.  Today was both sad and wonderful.  Sad, because Dad was with Mom at the crash pad this weekend but he had to leave for work this morning and I won't see him until Saturday when she finishes her work week and drives home. (only another month before she's transferred to the city where our home is at!)

It was wonderful because I got to try the BESTEST dog food ever.

I have a really sensitive stomach and don't do well with grains or funky ingredients (funky is a real word, I saw Mom use in in Scrabble once).  The first time Mom fed me mystery dog food after she got me from rescue  and then had a 4 hour drive home it was something like this in the car. (those scientists and engineers out there will get this).
Those who have read "Saving Grace - A Story of Adoption" know that story as it is in a chapter there, as adopting animals has with it as many adventures as adopting you hoomans.

She learned  from that and got me on a better quality and bland dog food.  But it wasn't all that tasty, Nutritious, I'm sure, but there were days I'd just pick at it. 

Today she was going to see a friend and passed her favorite Pet Store in the Indianapolis area (Plainfield location) and saw something Big and Blue parked out front. Specks is just a wonderful store, with a good selection and friendly, supportive staff that always asks how they can assist Mom and always offers to carry that big bag of dog food out to the truck for her.  The manager of the Plainfield location remembers his customers names and always is there with a smile, Mom says. That's service you don't see so often any more.

But today, though Mom had not planned on stopping she did, because who can resist a big blue truck with buffalo horns!

It wasn't Babe the Blue Ox, but The Blue Buffalo truck visiting Specks. 

She met the Blue Buffalo team, a very engaging and knowledgeable young man and woman and learned about their products and got some samples of their Blue Basics for sensitive stomachs.

It is a limited ingredient food and promotes gentle digestion (gentle being something other than "thar she blows!!!!")
She gave me a little nibble of it when she got home.  Boy, was that turkey and potato flavor YUMMY and made from simple ingredients that are good for me!  I just snarfed it up and begged for more.  There wasn't a kibble left.

So she went back to the pet store, driving all the way across town again, just because she loves me. She got me a stuffie and a surprise.

The stuffie - OK, it's a Kong stuffie, my favorite and I'm usually very cranked about those but today not so much.  I'm sulking because Dad is gone and the tasty food sample was too small.

She went back out to the truck and brought in something else.  It looks  sort of familiar - it smells vaguely familiar.
It's the Wonderful Food!!

She bought two bags!
I'm the happiest dog ever!  And the Blue Buffalo team gave me my own Blue Scarf, so I'm well fed AND fashionable.
She added just a bit of the Basics to my old food as changing my food needs to take place over 7-10 days to avoid any tummy upsets.  I can't wait for a bowl of nothing but Blue Buffalo!

So folks - take it from me, Abby the Lab - if you're ever out driving and see a big blue truck with HORNS - Stop!  You'll learn stuff, get free samples AND coupons from really nice people who love sharing and caring for animals.


  1. Hari OM
    ......................oH ABBY!!! You expressions just made me laugh and laugh and laugh and that is GOOD thing - what a wonderful, joyful face and I do hope that the transition goes well (and quickly) for you with the Blu-Buff!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. OMD! OMD! Did that truck deliver a whole truckload to your house? That would be magnificent!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Murphy and Stanley - I WISH. But Mom got several coupons for $2 off of big bag purchases and you can also order Blue Buffalo from and if you do the autoship it's 20% OFF. Woo Hoo. And I did come out of my sulk and seriously squeaked my new Kong Moose Stuffie to the point Mom put on her noise cancelling headset and poured a small class of white wine.

  4. OMD! FOODABLES!!!!! Yes please!!!! Hello? Abby? Hello?? is this thing on????
    I guess you ate all that tasty foods all by yourself....bummer! I really wanted to taste some delish blue stuffs! It made you SO HAPPY, that I thoughts I would give it a try..since that face is just PAWSOME!!!
    I hopes your Pops comes back soon.....
    Ruby ♥

  5. Ruby - show up with margaritas and I'm pretty sure Mom would let me share the foodables.


    Abby Lab

  6. Oh wow, you sure do look happy about the food!! That's a grreat sight to see.

  7. Our favorite miniature human, Ryan loves trucks so we'll keep an eye out for that big blue one! Thanks for the tip! We're glad you found a doggie food you really like and that it agrees with your tummy.

  8. Howdy Abby. Yowza and yaahoo. New food that is yummy and good for you too. Bonus big time. Glad you had a lovely time with your Dad. Wish we had that big blue truck here in Oz. We'd flag it down too hehe. No worries and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Abby you have the bestest mom ever... think she deserved a treat and a hug...and maybe you can borrow her your wonderful toy for a while, our humans like toys too, I know that... but they never love it to pieces :o)

  10. What an awesome post!!! Love each and every picture! So glad that you were able to meet the Blue Buffalo folks and get lots of new food and treats and toys! What could possibly be better than that!! xo Chloe and LadyBug


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