Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dog Warning Signs

I took a short walk this afternoon, as a small package had mistakenly been left on my porch instead of a house a few houses down, where it was meant to go.  The wind had blown my screen open so the actual address wasn't visible. and the guy in the little delivery van most have just "guessed".

No worries - I got the package dropped off.  But on the way home, at a house a few doors down where there are several small children, a new sign was in the  front window.


I wondered at that as I wouldn't imagine they'd get a large, aggressive dog with a couple of children under the age of 4.  The tiny dog they did have got out once and barked at Abby and when she barked back the dog RAN. . . .  YIP YIP YIP YIPYIPYIP back to the safety of the yard. Once, when my husband was out in the yard, and it ran free, it barked at him once, he stomped his foot and YIP YIP YIP YIPYIPYIP back to the safety of the yard.

I saw one of the kids out playing in the backyard with his big brother, and said, "did you get another dog"?

"No  - it's the same one, Mom just got the sign to warn people".



  1. Hey, white fluffy dogs can be TERRIERfying! BOL!

  2. Lots of people think if they post a sign it absolves them from any legal consequences if little 'Snowball' should bite someone (in our town, it notifies the world that you knowingly have an aggressive dog and did not protect the public). Little or not, a dog bite is still a dog bite so I try to avoid 4-legged security alarms.

  3. I don't know ... some of the small dogs scare me worse than big dogs. :)

    1. True but Snowy really is a tiny teddybear. He'll bark if there's a fence between you but if he sees you coming down the sidewalk when he's playing with the4 kids he'll run for the backyard. But his Mom probably feels safer in the city with the sign up so a stranger thinks there's a giant hellhound in the house.

  4. BOL - with a name like Snowball, what could they be thinking?

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. a snowball can become a torrent too ;O)))

  6. A lot of people just like the sign alone as a deterrent, whether the dog would do anything or not!

  7. Big ol' Indy is scared of little dogs! Big dogs, he's just fine with, but those little ankle-biters are MEAN!


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