Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Reporting Live from Jail

Reporting LIVE from JAIL - Yes, that's right, it's Abby and I'm in jail.  I think someone should call the Blogville Law Offices of Von Schnitzel, Ketchum and Dedum about this egregious mistake.

It all started last night.  Mom and Dad had a romantic dinner as Mom has a stomach bug on their anniversary so they didn't go out Saturday night as planned. There was yummy smelling food that Dad cooked for her, candles and wine.  Mom made silly. giggling noises and Dad was smiling a lot. Then it was time for "take the dog out".  Our house is in the city but it's in a deep, wooded lot that has all sorts of critters living in it and the park behind it. There in the back corner, I did my favorite roll in the grass, but it was even better as it was "roll in the smell" as something was deader back there in the dark.  I'm not sure WHAT it was, there was just a big, smelly stain in the grass and I rolled in it good.
When Dad brought me into the house, boy was I STINKY. Dad said "maybe it's just poop" and Mom smelled me and said, "no, I know that smell too well - that's deader". Mom was NOT happy with me but she got all kinds of warm, wet towels and wiped me down gently as best she could. But then they put me in jail. It was a small room cell blocked with chairs so I couldn't get out. I have a washable bed and my favorite stuffy, but I didn't get to sleep on the futon, OR the couch, OR with Mom and Dad. I'm innocent I say!
This morning, Dad went to Wall-GREENS and got doggie shampoo and gave me a quick bath before work and then put me back in jail until I'm a hundred years old "dry". Anyway - just letting you know in case one of you wants to spring me (my sister Lorelei using this opportunity to hog the sofa to herself).


  1. The insult to injury is the sister hogging the sofa. Hope the smell goes away soo enough so you can have free reign again. Happy Howl-o-ween 🎃

  2. Hopefully your jail term will be over real soon. Believe it or not, Joey dog was always the one who'd roll on a dead worm, or birdie poop. But not me! Nope, I would never do that! (Why is my ghostwriter giving me the stink eye right now?)


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