Saturday, February 22, 2020

Things That Go "Click Click Click" in the Night.

Time: 4 o’clock a.m.-ish Place: The Johnson household, primarily bedroom areas. Abby Lab sleeps there, the doors to the living and dining room closed so she has the den/office (former master bedroom), our bedroom (and its deep walk-in closet with a dog bed), hallway and master bath to roam. Lorelei, sleep apnea snoring dog, is happily in her bed in her crate with her favorited stuffed toy in the living room.

Sounds: “Click click, click click.” “Whump!” - as a dog body hits the floor in the hallway outside the bedroom. "Heavy Sigh". “Click click click click click. Click Click Click Click”

Husband Action: Gets up due to all the toenail noise on the hardwood. Finds small female fuzzy sweater fell off doorknob onto floor in front of the closet basically preventing a 85-pound hunting breed dog that can leap several feet into the air for a dog treat from entering the closet to sleep until the alarm. Removes sweater roadblock. Dog goes into closet to sleep.

Redhead Wife Action: Didn’t wake up, took opportunity with husband out of the bed to steal the remaining covers.


  1. River can snore with the best of them. She keeps people three doors down up.

  2. They do have a way of communicating how they feel, don't they?

  3. We are familiar with that click-click-click-whump sound too. It wouldn't be home without it!

  4. OK, that is really hilarious. Usually works the other way in our household, though. It's the stupidly fearless wife up (mothers sleep lightly) investigating the noise, and it's the big dog who steals all the covers.


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