Friday, May 8, 2020

The Power of Community

My Dad is in Assisted Living in Washington State.  They can't have visitors.  I'm in Chicago and we're under shelter in place restrictions until late June.  Dad turns 100 in a few weeks.   He is a retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force and a WWII Vet.  He was married to my Mom for 42 years before she died, and married to my Stepmom (a lovely woman) for 20.  He's been on his own now for 10 but he and my brother "bachelored" it together for a few years before my brother suddenly died of cancer.  Now it's just Dad and I and a beloved cousin who helps me with his care. (she lost her Dad when she was in her 20s so she and Dad are quite close).

A member of his community who works with seniors posted a selfie with Dad on her last visit before "the world changed (as she put it) and asked for cards for Dad on a County Facebook page since Dad has no family at all in the Pacific Northwest.

Not only were their 90 comments, but about a dozen people that used to work with Dad at his employer of 30+ years who are still in the community commented as to how much they loved my Dad and how they plan to visit him when the restrictions are lifted.

A Patriot Guard has also commented about doing something special for him with all the Veterans on their motorcycles on his big day.  I'm also going to try and get one of his beloved Dairy Queen cakes to him.  So many people coming together to honor him, even if from a distance.


  1. Hari OM
    100... I'm barely coping at having turned 61! It is wonderful that your dad is safe and healthy and that this occasion is to be honoured as it ought to be. I know that you will feel it keenly that you cannot physically be with him - but modern technology has really come into its own now, don't you think?

    Sorry to have been so absent from commenting. I have been on permanent duty of 24/7 cares for my father this past two+ months - and only two days ago was relieved for respite by my younger sister who had to jump through hoops to transfer from London to Edinburgh to carry out the duty for a month. His birthday is the first week of June (which I seem to recall is similar date?) and he'll be 84. Whether he will survive till his 85th is debatable as the Parkinson's continues to ravage him.

    Stay well, stay strong! YAM xx

  2. How great that so many want to honor your father. We bet if you asked Blogville he would get even more cards. Maybe we could email you for his address? Just a thought. It's not every day that someone turns 100!

  3. Or we can all wish him a happy birthday here and you can send them to him.

    1. Happy 100th Birthday Lt. Col. Hope your day is wonderful and thank you so much for keeping America safe!

  4. That is awesome. That restores our faith in humanity.

  5. That’s a wonderful story. We hope he has a fabulous birthday.

  6. So beautiful. Happy 100th to your dad. That's beautiful in and of itself, but especially lovely that so many commented.


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