Friday, December 25, 2020

Here Comes Santa Claus


 Christmas has arrived.  Our gift to the house was a new mattress but "Santa" brought a bunch of fun stuff for us to open.  

An assortment of candy and chocolate (and the BS button still has us cracking up).
Star Trek socks (and yes, there is a red pair for Monday mornings)
A Duck of Justice T shirt - Seriously you have to go to the Bangor Police Dept. Facebook page to get the story about the duck, which was detailed in the best selling book by one of their detectives (The Detective in the Dooryard by Tim Cotton )

KaBar Shark Bite - actually legal to carry here.
You can't have too many journals.
Something to keep my husband entertained on the weekends.  Found at a shop in the UK.
Hot dog tea diffuser and some new teas.
Slippers for my husband and a new winter nightgown and bath products for me from Toadstool Soaps (Etsy Shop I just love).
Cross for the wall made out of railroad spikes.
Lorelei has to check out each item. 
Star Trek pizza cutter.

Railroad War book (out of print so really worth finding a copy)/

Mike Rowe's Safety Third mask with Mr. Bill
Dr. Who  Peter Capadi Series.  I remember when he was first cast and so many people said  "he's too OLD to play the part".  Let me tell you something, the ladies who watch Dr. Who found him VERY sexy and great in the role.
12 Caliber Flashlights
Santa sticks to his aviation roots.  Love the "left rudder" "right rudder" socks. 

Lorelei ignores her toys to latch on to her Gabe to the Rescue stocking cap.

There was also some much-appreciated snow gear from my in-laws, True Blue Sam and my mother-in-law Susan, and a sweater (which I'm wearing as it's about 12 degrees outside).


  1. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and an even better new year filled with good health, happiness, (and lots and lots of treats)


  2. Merry Christmas to you. We love Capaldi's Doctor. He gave great speeches.

  3. Looks like yours was a lovely Christmas. 🎄🕯🎅🏻 Cheers for a wonderful 2021.

  4. Looks like everyone did well in the gift department. Love the slippers. I have a pair that used to look just like that! Have a Happy New Year.

  5. Wow! You sure got a lot of presents! Hooray!

  6. Love the Star Trek socks. I got socks too, they say "Dogs and wine make everything fine."


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