Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday Smiles

 It's been sort of crazy in the Johnson household. My husband's company is closing their Illinois operation, giving ALL employees their notice, so he's been looking for work while I've been working extra hours.  (He has an offer as an engineer for the R and D department of a large manufacturer so that is good though it will require more travel).

So for today, just some smiles. 


  1. Hari Om
    ...&*<>... ta, needed those giggles... so many folk are in limbo now. Hope hubby settles somewhere soon! YAM xx

  2. I know you know that sometimes a door has to close for a better one to open. I will believe that for you and your precious hubby.
    Jeff and I shared some laughter over the toons!

  3. You always come up with some of the best giggles. Sorry about your husband's work situation. Hope the new place works out for you both.

  4. We can all use some good laughs these days!

    Hope things settle down at your place.


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