Saturday, July 17, 2021

Little Beau Sheep


Have any of you used dryer balls in your dryer?  They are a natural alternative to fabric softeners.  Unfortunately, many of them are made of plastic, which brings plastic smell (and what it's made of) onto your clothes, as well as adding to landfills when they are worn.

This is why when I saw these dryer balls made out of 100% wool, I had to check them out.  Little Beau Sheep was started by a busy mom, who handcrafts each ball out of British wool (which can be gently laundered every so often).  It's the natural, reusable, chemical-free alternative to fabric softener.  Dryer balls make your clothes come out fluffy, with fewer wrinkles and less static cling. Thanks to their native lanolin content – which really is Mother Nature’s very own softener – laundry balls naturally massage the fabric during the drying process. So when your garments emerge from the dryer, they feel naturally softer as well. Even better, there’s no residue that softeners can leave behind and no laundry sheets or excess plastic packaging going to landfill.

Sarah's business has grown from a local Etsy shop from her home in the Yorkshire Dales to the world wide web, shipping internationally.  The collection also now includes oil blends to add to the balls to give your laundry that wonderful line-dried scent you remember from childhood as well as felted soaps (a natural exfoliant) and lanolin-based skincare items.

Sarah has also crafted dryer balls from rare breed sheep, with proceeds going to The Rare Breed Trust, a charity that is a champion of sheep of every shape and size.

My order arrived in about 10 ten days and I couldn't be happier with it (and am wishing I'd ordered the lanolin hand cream to go with the hand wash which is SO softening and smells so good).


  1. I've been using wool dryer balls for years, since the hubby's allergies include fabric softener sheets and liquid. Unfortunately, I don't notice any difference in static cling. I really can't say if clothes/towels are fluffier with them. But I keep using them. Oh, and look out when one falls out and you don't know it. Dog's love them!

  2. Those are far more adorably cuter than any of the ones I made. Such a cool invention and a great way to control static without those harsh chemically smells. LOVE those sheepie smiles.


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